Fletcher’s Ex-wife Fletched by Her Lawyers

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Many in Southern California have heard of “Fletcher Jones” as the very large Mercedes Benz dealer in Newport Beach. Lots of radio and tv ads constantly being played on the airwaves. Well, his marriage went to shit, and as many do, his wife, Kimberly M. Jones, wanted to “get what she felt she was entitled to,” and was represented by The Kolodny Law Group. Led by Stephen Kolodny and two of his associates, Wolff & Madzar. (you often find when you have serious litigation the ‘principles’ bring in their associates, it does miracles in the billing process) Fletcher Jones, Jr was represented by Wasser, Cooperman & Carter, and I am sure that there were “wallets” present there too.

Feeding Time!

Feeding Time!

Note: Dennis Wasser is the DIVORCE lawyer who was implicated extensively in the Pellicano wire tapping that took place throughout the Southern California area several years ago. Funnier yet, Kolodny and Wasser were once great friends. Only problem is that there are no real friends in the world of DIVORCE amongst the lawyers and all the players at the trough. The word “trough” is where everyone involved gets to feed on their clients money, like pigs if you will. And these two former friends, it appears, are less than friendly with each other. More fun at the “trough.”



Problem is that people, and it would appear judges, are becoming aware of this “feeding frenzy.” See page 32 lines 5 to 25 and page 33 lines 1 to 21. It is clear to me that Judge James L. Waltz was appalled at the fees charged by Kimberly Jones’ lawyers, 9.5 million on what was described as “ unnecessary, over litigated, and/or not wisely used for the expedient resolution of the case.’ PLEASE REVIEW Page 33 lines 18 to 21.

For the wealthy, having a high flying law firm to go to battle has been described more as a “sport,” like fly fishing or duck hunting. However, when a sitting judge makes the comments as Judge Waltz did on this case, it speaks volumes as to what appears are outrageous fees.

Feeding time...

Feeding time…

When you have the husband…who is filthy rich, ooops, FILTHY RICH…and the wife too is pretty well off, it sends a silent but costly message. Almost like a “Pavlov’s bell” for lawyers, Litigate $$$$ Litigate $$$$ and never ever settle and throw as many “haymakers” as you can to keep the game going and you bill as if this is your last day on earth and you need to buy a ticket to heaven! This too was expressed by Judge Waltz, Page 33, line 8, Page 29, line 13 to 17 is such a poke in the eye that it is hard to ignore and had to hurt.



Hey Ho, Hi Ho, it's off to work you go....

Hey Ho, Hi Ho, it’s off to work you go….

My personal opinion is that we have “very very” rich people, there was the usual desire for “blood letting,” there was a wife who wanted to take her soon to be X for every possible dime she could and thought that she hired the firm to do it. And in the end, she got pretty much screwed by her own vengeance. Review Page 22, lines 17 through 26, Page 23 lots more “no,” Page 24 Kimmy gets another smack down, and Page 25, line 18, “Kimmy will need to be looking for a job at some point”……maybe she should have saved the 9.5 million in fees that were charged. Just a working stiffs position. AND the best part, she owes her husband $4,000,000.00 in legal fees, give or take a few dollars. One must wonder if Kimberly M. Jones made the right decisions on anything involving the litigation of her DIVORCE. My opinion is that she could have done almost as well “pro per.” Not even her forensic guy was “respected” by the court, Page 21, lines 21 to 23. Kimberly is just not doing well.

I got da money!!!

I got da money!!!

Page 29, lines 13 to 17 is priceless as to the nonsensical ways DIVORCE billing can take place, ALL LEGAL AND ABOVE BOARD 🙂 “…it appears Kimberly was billed by Kolodny Law Group $600,000.00 just to recover fees…” , “….After reviewing everything, it appears to this judge this case was substantially over litigated and much of the fees and expenditures incurred were not wisely devoted to the expeditious resolution of relevant and material issues…” OUCH! Expedient? This is a High Dollar DIVORCE right? 🙂



It's all about the Bens

It’s all about the Bens

Enjoy reading this decision by the court and pay very close attention to the money issues, fees, MSL (marital status of living), fees, MSL…. it just seems to never stop and did I mention the legal fees? Happy New Year, and for Fletcher Jones, Jr., it cost you millions and that is a big number but you will make it back in a few months. It is reported (page 7 lines 1 and 2) that “Jr” makes between 45 to 53 million dollars a year. When you see those numbers, can you really blame the lawyers for “keeping the ball in play” for as long as possible? What about the thousands of Dads out there who don’t have millions to spend and still get screwed and run into bankruptcy thinking they are being “wisely” advised….seldom, if ever, is your best interest your lawyers best interest when it comes to what appears to be outrageous fees. Congratulations to the Honorable Judge James L. Waltz for making his comments public and not just letting what he saw as “questionable” behavior to just pass on…..he might be breaking a tradition!

Jones Tentative Statement of Decision

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