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My Kingdom for Some TP

We here at are always keeping an ear to the rail as to the ever changing times and places in the world of DIVORCE, or as some call it Family Law. Deep within the bowels of the Beverly Hills Bar Association, food is seldom digested properly and in the end the sound is like that of an almost empty ketchup bottle. (not sure why I use the terms involving poop so much) I can even remember my days as an apprentice embalmer picking up some poor unfortunate whose time had come, dead, in bed at home or in an accident. Get’em back to the prep room and off comes the clothing and there it would be, poop, and lots of it. Seems like I have spent a great deal of my time cleaning up poop, and I guess throwing it too!


Legoman after weekend binge: I feel like crap...
Legoman after weekend binge: I feel like crap…

Well talking about poop, the rumor mill is swirling that Phillips Lerner is shutting its doors. Is this a surprise? Hell no. Everyone seems to have left this defunct law firm already or is getting ready to, so why stay open? I predicted that this firm was going to go away in some form or other several years ago. Phillips Lerners future holiday parties could be held in a restroom in the building were Sticey Flips does her stuff! First, all the partners left, and now this. NO SURPRISE HERE FOLKS!!! Well, the other part of the rumor is that Phillips Lerner might merge with another firm. OMG, when I close my eyes I see my dog trying to pass a paper towel that he thought looked tasty. How did I get here thinking of my dog pooping and Phillips Lerner? Easy! Note: would the merger be DIVORCE law? Seems that Phillips Lerner has burnt that candle down to a flicker, but who knows? The last time I saw anyone from this firm in the halls of the Mosk was when Judge Gordon was in 88!

Lisa Helfend Meyer and the firm that she founded, M.O.L.M., is just getting bigger and bigger. Pretty soon we will see a full floor for this dynamo law firm as it continues to grab a huge market share of DIVORCE. Currently. Lisa’s firm is the biggest in Southern California, with offices in Century City and Orange County, with others on the horizon.

'See, right here, rule number 6...'you can't take it with you!'
‘See, right here, rule number 6…’you can’t take it with you!’

However, it does appear that the playing field is getting smaller and smaller. People dying, others retiring (Ros Soudry is having a ball in retirement and has passed the ball on to her daughter Monique) and for some, they have gotten too damn old and can’t seem to do what needs to be done. Father Time, I have been told, will pull the pin on another very large firm possibly after the first of the year. Many have been informed already to begin looking for a new home this is just another reflection as I recount those who can’t seem to let go and do the right thing. Of the hundreds of bodies I embalmed during my days in the embalming room, very few wealthy folks get tucked away for their eternal dirt nap with much cash stuffed into the casket. However, for some letting go is a feat left for lesser men and in the end, it will be a phone number that is left as the only reminder of a once powerful law firm.

Ok Folks it would appear that I have made a mistake and my source was mistaken that FRIED AND GOLDSMAN, was going to retire possibly after this year!

Our comment that we had heard they were looking to retire after this year was not correct. I spoke with Marci and Mel and they were shocked to have read that we here thought they were retiring, THEY ARE NOT. We at apologize to Manly Fried and to Melvin S. Goldsman for our error. We are please to also know that this firm is staying right were it is and will continue to provide DIVORCE services for as long as Father Time allows!

I again apologize for this error on our part.

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By John Nazarian
Straight Talk with John J. Nazarian, Private Investigator
June 19, 2016
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