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Rock Star of Judges

The Honorable Kenneth Allen Black has been laid to rest at Hillside Memorial Park. It was a wonderful send off for a great human being and truly one in a million. An interesting fact and there are a few, is what a great place Hillside is to visit and if you have to be interred, as in buried and you happen to be Jewish, this is as good as it gets.

Talk of some of the greats they are all here. Michael Landon, Allan Sherman, Lorne Greene, Dinah Shore, Moe Howard, Milton Berle, Shelly Winters, Vic Morrow, George Jessel and a close neighbor of Judge Black is none other than Leonard Nimoy!

As a younger man, I worked at this mortuary and the chapel has never changed, it is the same as it was 40 years ago. I remember Harry Groman, talk about a character! The park, however, is just a wonderful place to visit and it is said if you listen very carefully you might hear Al Jolson belting out Mammy. Jolson has the most spectacular monument in the entire park. Note: I was present for Jack Bennys funeral and that was a big one, and his final resting place is also impressive.

The memorial for Judge Black could not have been better. The place was packed, inside the chapel and outside. Kens wife and children spoke and their words were heartfelt. Bruce Clemens, an attorney in L.A., had some light-hearted thoughts, it was nice. A very old friend of Kens spoke of their early days playing basketball and that too was a great eulogy of who Ken was. The entire event was as nice as it can be when losing a friend.

Often during the service it was mentioned that Ken was often described as a ‘Rock Star’ of family lawI am thinking that whoever wrote that purposely changed the wording, as that was not what was written originally. The reason for this change, I am guessing, was to not have to mention or give credit to John J. Nazarian or After all, it was ME and it was published in one of my early stories on of who I thought Judge Black was. I, John J. Nazarian, gave Ken that title and he always thanked me for giving him that title. After all, it was perfect for Ken and I was happy to have given it to him in our story. There will never be another Rock Star of Judges. I and my sons are going to miss him.

Not being liked has been a career move for me, I guess. Even as a child the teacher in first grade said Watch that one, pointing at me! My years as a peace officer also taught me to be prepared and not give a shit, and it is interesting. I have not, ever, gave a hoot! Many in that chapel have been subject matter / fodder for us at And there are more fun stories coming in the weeks and months to come, I promise! As I love to remind a few of these millionaire gronks, it can always, and likely will, get worse!

and if he isn't, they still owes me for lunch the other day
and if he isn’t, they still owes me for lunch the other day
Unlike Kens wonderful memorial service, on this day, people came out of love and respect for Ken and his family, a beautiful thing indeed! There were, however, 15-20 others who were present (lawyers), that for your dirt naps, hundreds will show up for your funerals too, and you all know who you are. The big difference on that wonderful day will be to make sure that you are really DEAD!

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By John Nazarian
Straight Talk with John J. Nazarian, Private Investigator
May 30, 2016
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