Why Fight When We Can Negotiate?

Laura Wasser, Esq. vs Samantha Spector, Esq. and we have Ms. Spector representing Amber Heard (the one with the bruised kisser from the windup of Depp nailing her with a cell phone) And did I mention that the cops (LAPD) showed up not once but twice? In all fairness, the LAPD would have arrested Depp but getting a statement was not coming along and Depps security got him out of the penthouse before the cops arrived. Was this also a case of star struck by the LAPD as to why Johnny at the plate was not arrested for spousal battery? When the obvious is obvious, they should have tracked down that renegade pirate. Remember O.J., can I get an autograph?

I can hear the cars sighing in relief...
I can hear the cars sighing in relief…

I clearly stated the other day Johnny, you got the wrong lawyer for this bullshit storm. Dude, please adjust your pirate hat and smell the seagull shit for what it is! The initial call went out to Jake Bloom. Jake is a heavy hitter in tinsel town and is as well connected as you can get.

Well, the story is that a letter was sent from Samantha Spectors office to Bloom wanting to keep all this on the down low. LAPD seemed to be on board as to not making any arrest of wind ’em up Depp. And it was the hopes of a couple of these folks involved that ALL parties could keep this all tucked away in a rabbit hole. And to play nice with each other, Hah! Not very often. Someone always wants to wet their beak in the TMZ trough. Arlo Harvey?

I'll just be right over there.....
I’ll just be right over there…..


Well, it was reported to this writer that all went to hell within minutes of its (the Letter) arrival at the vacation spot of Wasser Cooperman & Carter, the hen house that Laura Wasser sits and lays beautiful eggs. However, this egg has turned into a Big Boy Scramble. Extra ham, please. Spector, being no fool, and thinking she saw bulls running through Century City, brings in Joseph P. Koenig,Esq. as co-counsel. Koenig was with one of the biggest firms in Los Angeles at one time before setting up his own private practice. It was during those years that Koenig became one of the players in the world of DIVORCE. Koenig is co-counsel to Spector and that gives you the mindset that this is not going to be let’s collect some fees, shine pretty for the press, get TMZ to say cute things and all will be peaceful in the valley.

Alas, poor Eggbert! Thou shalt dwell with the ham and cheese...
Alas, poor Eggbert! Thou shalt dwell with the ham and cheese…

Samantha F. Spector, Esq is putting on her boots and is ready to kick some serious bullshit as she strolls through Laura Wassers hen house. breaking those pretty eggs. Oh no! I thought I saw Joseph P. Koenig tucking his suit pants into his Luccheses. We are going to be seeing some serious lawyering. We might even see the finer recipes of preparing light fluffy omelets from all those broken eggs. I think that Ms. Wasser is going to realize, and fast, that those Christian Louboutins are not what you want to be wearing running around the bullpens dodging raging Spectors and Koenigs. However, when collecting those pretty eggs, Christian Louboutins and Gucci are just perfect, and that aint no bullshit.



I hope you upped your shares of Charmin....
I hope you upped your shares of Charmin….

The writing is on the wall as to the stance that Judge Carl Moor is taking, sitting in Department 6 of the Stanley Mosk. Judge Moor issued a restraining order against SpitBall Johnny. And did I mention that this judge is perfect for this case? Judge Moor has been on the DIVORCE bench since 2014 and knows investigations and I am sure he is going to be listening closely and separating the Bullshit from the Roses.




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By John Nazarian
Straight Talk with John J. Nazarian, Private Investigator
May 28, 2016
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