Bullshit and Roses

This is going to be one hell of a funny TidBit.How, I ask, does an organization such as The Beverly Hills BAR Association and or the L.A. County BAR association come up with some of their hair brain ideas? Seriously, as an outsider looking in it sometimes seems that it is about the money.how much money, who knows.

Being a group that contains some pretty prestigious lawyers and others you would think someone would be able to think. Over the years, I have been to several events and had a relatively good time. My days of going are over. No desire and no time, my 23 years are wearing on my nerves, I like saying No.

Willie Nelson, Merle Haggard and Ray Price
Willie Nelson, Merle Haggard and Ray Price

Here are a few Legends, and I am sure I am right on the spot on this one. Willie Nelson, Ray Price, Merle Haggard….these guys I truly believe could be called Legends. Last of a Breed, Ray died at 87 years old and Merle died at 79. Willies clock is ticking, still. These three men, by anyone standards, could and should be called Legends.

It has come to DESPERATEEXES.com attention that the title of an upcoming event is Tips From the Legends. Certainly has a nice ring to it, does it not? Legends. Sometimes a word that is horribly misused and is just that in the gang giving tips. Amazing lawyers, perhaps, as they know The Game better than many, for sure. The rumor is that we will have Sorrel Trope, Esq., Dennis Wasser, Esq., Stephen Kolodny, Esq., Manley Fried, Esq., Daniel J. Jaffe, Esq.

Time for a quick dip...
Time for a quick dip…


Five Legends by someones standards who does not know any better, I am thinking. It could be legendary as to the amount of money these fellows have amassed in their practice of DIVORCE law. In a possible new expose that is in the works, the laughs and stories will be endless…a book deal is being shopped. Could be a part II to Divorce Corp.but funnier and much more interesting. After all, it would be My Way.



What? Doesn't everyone treat their teddy this way?
What? Doesn’t everyone treat their teddy this way?


Why, I ask, are there no women Legends? What about, Judith Forman, Esq., Susan Harris, Esq., Susan Carter, Esq., Alexandra Leichter, Esq., Judy Bogen, Esq. These women could very well be historians of the up and downs of what it took to be a DIVORCE lawyer back in the day. Back further, when study groups were originated by Jewish males who formed friendships to survive after being rejected by the big waspy firms, many of these very same folks would survive and move on to the land of big bucks and memories that many have either forgotten by choice or due to age or illness. It has been reported to us here at DESPERATEEXES that there is a lawyer, that fancied their Teddy Bear almost as a child? Its own bedroom, and of course incredible travel almost as if it was human.scary,eh? Hell, talk about scary. I sleep with a big black male almost every night. We cuddle and he moans and groans as I rub his hairy back and rub his nose. Charlee is his name and he is an 85 pound black Doberman!!! Sam, my pit bull, won’t join in. She likes her space.

I've been naughty, Mr. Lawyer.....
I’ve been naughty, Mr. Lawyer…..

Back in the early days of DIVORCE, Male lawyers had locks on the doors so that things that happened at the office, stayed in the office. Those great old days of testosterone filled client meetings! Let me make it a little clearer if you will. The locks were on the door to keep a secretary, or another staff member, from walking in on a sexcapades session, wives and sometimes daughters too. Not of their own of course!! Oh, the days of being young and willing to throw caution to the wind, and several marriages along with the wind. Back in the day, and maybe at times today, (a little longer) Sports Fucking if you will. Note: not too long ago…few years…there was a huge scandal involving a lawyer in a very large firm that got to have his junk shown in a deposition. LOL. Today, locks are important to keep angry litigants from storming the office and taking hostages and or killing attorneys, for what some litigants see as destroying one or the others lifehorse shit for sure, but a very real threat.

You may now kiss the ring..
You may now kiss the ring..

Funnier yet is that some members of the DIVORCE lawyers in Southern California either dont talk to each other (they hate each other) or when one has to write a very big check to make an issue of overhearing too much, if you will, to another lawyer. And some dont talk to anyone at all. And one in town everyone in the past talked to out of fear. Fear of pissing them off and not knowing what would come their way. Almost like the kissing of the Popes ring, everyone knew to be nice as it was just in your best interest. Not all passed this test however over time.



Good job committee.
Good job committee.


My thoughts

All of these thoughts are just my opinion. I am not accusing anyone of anything, just a little fun. A few of the legends I consider them friends and know that they too would not consider themselves Legends. The others, who cares. However, it was reported to me that for Jill Robbins, Ret. Judge, to sign off on this pageant of Very Rich Old Dudes and not have at least one female, is an insult to all the women who practice DIVORCE law and Shame on the Executive Committee for approving this, IF they did.this could all be a great big blunder. Hah, would not be the first and won’t be the last, or at least we here at DESPERATEEXES.com hope not!

My thoughts some more

Sorrell Trope, Esq. Invented, if you will, much of DIVORCE law today in California. Stephen Kolodny, Esq. is an incredible educator and is will known for lots of things, especially his seminars, some of the best! Dennis Wasser, Esq.? Has a gorgeous daughter and she hasbeen a life saver for his firm (my opinion). The other two, whatever.

A few more thoughts

None of these guys are legends. Maybe a great lawyer or two, maybe a very, very lucky lawyer, and a few who found a field and plowed around and got to sit in high cotton most of their lives. I am blessed to know a few real legends, members of the armed forces and several law enforcement officers, gun fighters who put it all on the line and lived to tell about it, L E G E N D S.

NOTE: one of the Legends is refusing to participate unless he is the Moderator……LOL



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April 17, 2016
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