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I thought I saw a squatter

This is like my month for dads. One gets squashed in DIVORCE court for being a great dad! And this one, motivates a wife to become a lawyer, become a great lawyer and she does but then turns into a total nightmare. When does it become fashionable for a lawyer…a partner at a major law firm, Quinn Emanuel Urguhart Sullivan…to try to play games while being served with a TRO? A restraining order, for terrorizing her husband, who in the big picture is not a well man.



Oh poop.....
Oh poop…..

Well, I guess it was really necessary for someone to tell a BIG lie to the Manhattan Beach Police Department about a squatter in the multimillion dollar beach pad. Yes, that required a make-believe cop and his 5 or 6 armed off-duty cops from other jurisdictions to enter the family home and terrorize the poor Hubby. What this group of ass clowns did not know? The little guy that the Clown Cop talked shit to during the raid, is a 29 year veteran of the Manhattan Beach Police Department and his wife is also a cop! Damn, don’t you just hate when that happens? Oh, I think you will and soon. 🙂 The best part is it was caught on the 911 tape.

And why would someone take the DVR and shut down all the cameras if the actions of the parties were all legal and above board? We always see bad guys on TV taking the DVR or trying to break cameras in the course of Bad Behavior. Why would someone enter the home and take the DVR and disable all the cameras? This, too, is interesting, and I predict someday all of this will be used against someone during the course of litigation.

where did I park my car?
where did I park my car?

Hubby has NO GUNS, the Partner has at least 5 firearms!!! OMG, and maybe it is the nightmare of her mother being shot in the head by her father and murdered that made her think her life was in dangerwho knows? That whole event that night, looking for the squatter, is going to be reported to the Los Angeles District Attorneys office. I hope NO ONE WAS IMPERSONATING A POLICE OFFICER or ACTING IN ANY OFFICIAL CAPACITY. Make-believe can be fun if you are 5 years old. When you, the rich lawyer, take the position of hiring fools, I believe that any mishaps can land on your doorstep. And can be very very costly.



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By John Nazarian
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April 7, 2016
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