He’s Still Alive

Here it is almost ten years later and Patrick McDermott is alive and well and living in Mexico. I, and only I, came to that conclusion, again ten years ago. I and my son Mike. Mike was the guy who shot all that video that was shown around the world. Please remember we were the FIRST TO CONFIRM that he was not dead!





It's "The Hat". It says so, see.
It’s “The Hat”. It says so, see.

We actually flew down to Cabo San Jose and then drove a few hours to Todos Santos. We actually went to a restaurant located in Pescadero and spoke to people who had met with and seen McDermott. I looked at and photographed McDermott’s signature on a piece of wood at the restaurant . I brought the hat back to the U.S. The hat that was the focus of McDermott’s DNA. The U.S. Coast Guard wanted it, but I had it and returned it to the people who hired us to handle the investigation, here in Los Angeles.

I tracked him back then to Monterrey Mexico were my sources had told me that he and his friend were headed to Monterrey Mexico. It was then that I, after almost one week, was called back to the U.S. I had the DNA evidence that was wanted to show he was still alive and well. I was the FIRST one to say no way had he fallen off any boat, total and complete bull poop. Certainly some wanted that dramatic ending. I also disagree that he staged anything. It was my opinion he wanted to be left alone and to move on and make a new life.

That's CHIEF Investigator to you!!
That’s CHIEF Investigator to you!!

Then out of the mist of smoke and mirrors comes what can only be described as an original Ass Clown, hired by DATELINE to stir up a whole lot of TV funny Stuff. This clown from Texas states that he is hot on the trail. It was all TV horse shit! The big dummy from Texas sat at bars in Cabo and drank margaritas and ate tacos while he really worked on an expanding his pant size. It was myself and Mike that traveled to Todos Santos, the only way we could communicate was at the wireless cafes. We had no cell phone coverage, no TV. The food, however, was amazing, NOT like Cabo. But then again, we were not trying to stage any drama, we were doing the real deal. The icing on the cake was when Chief Investigator Ass Clown actually reached out to me and wanted to talk about what we had doneClick went my phone!


I found him while napping in my spiffy chair. He came to me in a dream......
I found him while napping in my spiffy chair. He came to me in a dream……

There is always someone trying to jump on the band wagon. Why DATELINE did this, who knows? Was it an attempt to make someone look bad, other than the clowns from Texas? I dont know. When all is said and done, we are not surprised as to McDermott being found again, I and my son found him the first time. I clearly stated I did not think he was dead. And if he is alive and well, I am very happy for him, that was, after all, my findings almost ten years ago!


Note: I never made physical contact with Patrick McDermott, however, we were the only ones very close to him and brought back facts. Everyone after us were nothing more than actors trying to generate a story of intrigue when nothing of that nature ever existed.

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By John Nazarian
Straight Talk with John J. Nazarian, Private Investigator
March 21, 2016
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