Another Wonderful Christmas Party

Well what can you say about the Christmas Seasons and the Holidays in general except for one thing, Meyer, Olson, Lowy & Meyers, LLP. Currently the biggest and most powerful Family Law Firm in Southern California.
The crew here at M.O.L.M….Lisa, Dana, Doreen, Felicia, Ben and Anne…take their office parties very seriously. This is the founder of the firm and her partners. Every year it is a little better than the previous year, (Shutters at the Beach last year, very, very nice) nothing but the best for this crew. This years event was held at Spago Beverly Hills and it was just as you would expect from Spago, just perfect.

Must be a good party,  John is almost smiling....
Must be a good party, John is almost smiling….
Everyone is invited, staff and significant others, even the drivers and other support staff are invited and treated like kings and queens for the night. No expense is spared. (ever get a gift from Lisa and the gang, that too is an event) These folks at this law firm work very very hard, with travel and two locations to service their clients, Newport Beach and Century City, and their focus is always the client. Each and every client and his or her needs always come first at this firm. You won’t speak to the principal and then get a third string associate to handle your case. For that very kind of care and focus, the reward it seems is the gatherings and parties that the firm throws for its staff. These events are more of a reward for the hard work and long hours. It is more like a thank you. It was mentioned that the Santa Barbara office is coming and will be soon followed by San Francisco. It only makes sense as this firm continues to grow.

Just an observation, many firms are laying people off, moving to the outer limits of Beverly Hills to keep the all important address, some firms are teetering on collapse, so many firms are just getting by, and a few hire when they get a little busy and then let staff go as things slow and some are more concerned about whose your daddy. Not Meyer, Olson, Lowy & Meyers, LLP. These ladies are going just as strong as the very first day. And remember this, you can always get a great cup of coffee and a nicely chilled fruit and cheese platter as you discuss your matter with some of the top family law specialist in the country and, of course, in an appropriate atmosphere, not over the top, but very nice.

Totally Delicious
Totally Delicious
Ooooops! lets get back to the party. Check out this menu. The refreshments flowed all night long, the service at Spago is second to none. The word attentive does not quite meet the service. Extraordinaire is a word that comes to mind. The food that was supposed to be hot was hot, the food that was supposed to be chilled was chilled. Coffee service and the attention to detail was just perfect. I had the pan roasted filet mignon, the sauce, my mouth is still watering as I type. It was a perfect evening and plenty of laughs.

Every party that is thrown by Lisa and her crew always includes either live music or a Dj, this event there was both. Again, we are talking about M.O.L.M. and it is their annual Holiday Bash.

these are made for dancing, if you can afford them...
these are made for dancing, if you can afford them…
It seems like just yesterday that Lisa threw a bash at her and her husbands estate in Encino. This is the former estate of W.C.Fields! The place even has a museum on the first floor! And the attention to detail each and every time is over the top. The cheese table could have competed with the presentation at the Ritz. The food this night too was as always, perfect, and the service and atmosphere, just a night of old school class. They even brought in mobile kitchens and real bars were set up through out the property. Nothing is going to be served unless it is done right and that includes the food, presentation and the drinks, and the presentations are all done correctly. They even had a fresh donut maker and the best coffee you could imagine. You need to remember this is Lisas house.

We have said many times here on that Lisa Helfend Meyer, the founder of M.O.L.M., spends more on breakfast, lunch and dinner for her meetings and depositions than some of these phonies who play with DIVORCE game pay in rent. Hell, most of these lawyers won’t even validate for your parking. One well known firm is putting a Coke machine in the office for use by the staff. (I am sure it will be a discounted rate) And ask for water? I swear, they will bring you a glass of water. At M.O.L.M. you are likely going to be asked, flat or sparkling, and an appropriate bottle will be brought to you, chilled if you like.

A special thanks to M.O.L.M. for inviting to join the attorneys and all the support staff at their Holiday gathering at Spagos.

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By John Nazarian
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December 9, 2015
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