Bill Cosby Gold Veins and Hyenas

Yesterday I was sitting in the courtroom in Los Angeles and I was thinking about Bill Cosby. Is that odd for me? To some degree it is and my thought on this is pretty simple. Did Bill Cosby do some rather strange things in his sexual behavior back in his early days? Well with his own words, we would have to say yes he did. Kinky crazy use of drugs and alcohol is still a huge part of Hollywood losers and winners, especially in “sexcapades.”

However, what if he (Bill Cosby) had no money, just a broke ass old actor / comedian, would this rush to get to his wallet be so fascinating for so many people aka “Hyenas?” I will tell you this as A FACT, when the first alleged victim went to see a lawyer, the FIRST issue that had to be addressed was MONEY. Did the “target” have money? NO LAWYER of the breed that goes for every PUBLICITY play cares about any case or individual, it is always about the MONEY. No lawyer in the world would touch this case had Cosby been an old broke former actor / comedian. Trust me on this folks, when it comes to the rich and famous as well as the broke and once famous, there is little about these people and their “supposed” private lives that I do not know. (21 years of playing in this swamp called Hollywood)

I found Gold in dem der pocket books....

I found Gold in dem der pocket books….

Kinky crazy shit in Hollywood is like bad driving habits in the Armenian Community, it is very very common. For some, it just comes with fame and in some cases drugs and having a sense of entitlement. It is that very same sense of entitlement and big money that brings on much of this insanity and turns into a “gold rush” for a certain handful of lawyers. No pick and shovel here folks, nice plush offices and very cool suits. A vein has been struck!

The bottom line is this, NOT ALL OF THESE PEOPLE ARE TELLING THE TRUTH in the Cosby matter, my humble opinion. A few of these “star fuckers” would have fucked Bill Cosby just so that they had that “hook up.” For most celebrities this is a huge proble, that MALES and FEMALES put themselves in positions to get into the lives of the rich and famous. And they do it willingly, no drugs, no money, just to say they fucked or sucked a famous celebrity.

Take my card, it doubles as a sponge..

Take my card, it doubles as a sponge..

Let me explain. Like a bus wreck in the ghetto, the problem: “THE BUS” has 5 people on it, including the driver. After the wreck, the bus is full! How did this happen? Human nature being what it is, more than just a few are out to try and get something for nothing. And they come like sheep to what they see is a potential big “payday” from the bus company or the city. What we are seeing in the Bill Cosby case is exactly this, and the potential to pull the covers on the liars is going to be dam near impossible due to Cosby’s shooting himself with his own admission. Why would he do this? He never saw the Hyenas being followed by the “miners.”

This has to have cost Cosby millions already. His reputation is done. His marriage, yet to be seen. And he is like an old, sick goat surrounded by a pack of hyenas. With one “hyena” in particular with really nice colorful clothes and and very tight jowls. After all, you got to look nice for the cameras.

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By John Nazarian
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November 19, 2015
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