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TidBits is just that, tidbits of what I find interesting and want to reflect back onto those who find my sarcastic and often pointed wit! No, I do not agree that I could title it Nit Wit.

Let me first say this about Levitt & Quinn. This organization does some great work within the community that needs help and have little or no money. Not everyone has fat wallets. They may very well have some fat attributes but that is a different story line……….soooooo here I go!

No more "Mr. Nice"....
No more “Mr. Nice”….


Perhaps a little over a year ago, I was assisting an attorney from Levitt & Quinn and the lawyer was nothing short of amazing. She was smart, bi-lingual, and had a great handle on her work. Our client was getting totally screwed beyond what could ever be considered reasonable. (look back on Walters story) And I was doing all of this for free. No good deed goes unpunished



By the pricking of my thumbs, Something wicked this way comes.
By the pricking of my thumbs, Something wicked this way comes.

I had some great ideas and I made suggestions to the attorney on the case but there was always the 1200 lb Monkey in the room (Levitt & Quinn) that the attorney was afraid of upsetting. Odd, I thought this was family law even though Iwasaki had the kid put on the street, literally. (he was bad, as he smoked marijuana at times in or around the house and was poor) Half the kids on the west side would be on the street if this was the case. Sure, having to park their BMWs in there parents driveway in the Palisades. Plus the lawyers on the other side were such liars and playing at every issue they could to screw the kid around. But for me, I was attached to Cinderella and she being afraid of the wicked step mom. Tai Glen enters! Note: I still agree now as then that Walter got screwed.


"Wanna banana?" "Why, yes, thank you!"
“Wanna banana?” “Why, yes, thank you!”

Tai Glenn was the former Executive Director of Levitt and Quinn and, by the way, I may need to get some bananas by the end of this story. For sure Tai did well with those miserable fund raisers, as it was always about the money. And they raised a great deal of MooLah. Whether the food was good, or the atmosphere was festive, who cared, get the money! There is not a question in my mind that these events should have been brunches and all of those attending spared the misery of the night. Really? No live music? They would have been better off utilizing food trucks! At least the food would be hot and tasty, or chilled and enjoyable. If Tai Glenn ever got involved in the party planning industry, my darling you could set that industry back to the stone ages. Note: I am saying it is all about the money and music would be nice to have in the background at such future events.

Not read by Tai Glenn...
Not read by Tai Glenn…

I just hope that Tais replacement gets rid of the How to Build a Fund Raiser book and gets a new one. If you need entertainment to be booked, check with Ron Brot, he knows how to throw a party! Want to have some great food, check with Lisa Helfend Meyer. She too knows how to throw a party. I still remember the cheese table at Ms. Meyer’s home. It looked like it was from the cover of Gourmet Magazine! Note: I am suggesting that Levitt and Quinn check with people who like to entertain and get some pointers.




Now I get it that Levitt & Quinn has to be careful not to step too heavy on the hands of lawyers that might be contributors, so play nice. And this attorney did just that. She wanted to be aggressive but did not have a lot of bananas to appease the big monkey, her boss. Well this is not my style. Play nice if you may, but put your foot on my neck, I am standing up. Just another one of my bad habits. Another bad habit I have is telling the truth and I was taught that the truth is always a defense. Not the last event… I didn’t attend as I was tied up in San Diego…but the one before, was a food disaster. (go back and read my comments, I just did and I was laughing so hard, then I realized I wrote that stuff) For some odd reason no one in charge of these events cares about the food or the entertainment. A quartet too much to ask for? It is truly all about how much money they can stuff the coffers with. Note: It is not my intention to reflect that Tai Glenn is a monkey or a gorilla or that she eats a lot of bananas or was the wicked step mother.

So I wrote a none to complimentary piece about my miserable time at the benefit and after the last time, I am done! Now the BAR functions are also generally well done, short and sweet!

Dinner planned by Tai Glenn. Bon Appetit!
Dinner planned by Tai Glenn. Bon Appetit!

To the new director of Levitt & Quinn, spend a few bucks and you will likely make more money. Even suckers like a little fun. Everyone loves a happy ending, especially a room full of lawyers. Generally these fund raisers almost seem like a total money grab! Again, do not hate me, it is just my opinion. And to prove it, ever see how fast the room clears out at the end? Or how about all the uneaten food? That should be a clue! Sure, everyone had a great time and could not wait to get out of the place. Some after all had spent all that money, what do you expect them to say, I had a miserable time? Well I did not spend that much and I said it ๐Ÿ™‚ Note: I remember one bench officer telling me that they had gone to dinner before arriving as they expected the food would be less than what they wanted to eat.

Well, these boots are made for walking, and that's just what they'll do One of these days these boots are gonna walk all over you
Well, these boots are made for walking, and that’s just what they’ll do
One of these days these boots are gonna walk all over you

Tai, I am sorry you found it necessary to make phone calls to see who would sit with me. When, and if, you ever do this kind of research again, give me a call. I have a list of people I am not fond of and your name is on it too! Your behavior was heavy handed and rude. People pay lots of money for those tables and what you did was again, insulting. With my background, I’m accustomed to getting my ankles nibbled on by snipes like you. It is one reason I wear boots. Note: I am saying that Tai Glenn did this and that it was insulting, and I do wear boots.

I have been licensed for over 20 years and prior to that, I was a cop. I will put my reputation up against anyone in any room of people that may gather. Remember however, we are dealing with lawyers and some from the Pellicano saga ๐Ÿ™‚ None of us are saints, and it is Gods work that I do. And in doing that work I will…and do…step on peoples feet sometimes. It is, after all, what we do.


Tai Glenn, party planner from hell
Tai Glenn, party planner from hell

I wish you well in your future endeavors and please, keep out of the food and beverage industry! note: I am saying that based on my experience at the Levitt & Quinn fund raisers that Tai Glenn should keep out of the party planning industry.






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October 29, 2015
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