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Told you so!

I am never ever one to say well, I told you so, but, I told you so! The big L.A. firms are still around, for now. Some are having a great deal of trouble in re-inventing what was once a cash cow experience into what the hell do we do now? One feeling you get when you walk into some is that clubroom feel. Stuffy and old, like an old carnival attraction that no one wants to ride anymore.



How do you like my bling?
How do you like my bling?
Excuse me sih, do you have any grey poupon?
Excuse me sih, do you have any grey poupon?

Oh, for sure no block party or fund-raisers for this crowd! Most are rich, real rich lawyers. Sure, we have our Las Vegas gamblers 🙁 , real estate moguls, independently wealthy from high dollar clients who left fortunes behind in fees. Many across the nation wonder with such wild fees how much should justice in a DIVORCE cost? 100 grand watches, the big homes and Rolls Royce’s, nice everything for some of these folks. And why not? This is, as I have said, a business and the sun shines for everyone, right? Some get tanned and some just burn, get real red and peel, only to get burned over and over again so often that had they been real snakes, they would have been big ones!



Hell, one firm in particular, for all practical purposes, should not even be practicing DIVORCE LAW anymore. But, like the teflon Don, everyone knew what they did with a certain private investigator. Can You Hear Me? Feds messed up and the evidence was not there and they got away! Who cares? After all, it is about winning. This is DIVORCE, scorch earth policy in place. However, it will be a very fun card to play when one wishes.


Over the last 21 years I have spoken privately and publicly as to the Big Mega Firm or the lawyer who knows the law, is talented, and is able to speak in a court of law and decides to open his or her own office. (Note: there are some great lawyers who just do not speak well and have a problem with presenting a case in a court of law…this is a fact! Like a guy who wants to be a porn star, great looking, great abs and a little short in the…not happening. Well, enough of this) What we have seen over the last two years is really interesting. Most of the big DIVORCE law firms are staggering and it is not from the weight of their once fat wallets.

Brett H. Hunter, Lawyer, Troy A. Christiansen, Lawyer, Tara Scott, Lawyer, Jonathan Pakravan, Lawyer, and Hillary Slevin, Lawyer. This is one hell of a power house of lawyers, all independent and sharing one location with their individual practices. With the exception of Mr. Christiansen, formerly of Hersh, Mannis and Bogen, the others are all from Trope & Trope. The above group has talents on top of talents and many got one hell of an education from one of the most seasoned lawyers on the planet, Sorrell Trope, Esq. Mr. Trope The guy who very well may have invented the current California Divorce. Mr. Christiansen too had the advantage of working with Neal Hersh,Esq., Joe Mannis, Esq. and Judy Bogen, Esq. Now that had to be an experience every young DIVORCE lawyer could only dream of. (Note: I spoke with Troy this afternoon and he could not stop with his accolades of thanks to all at Hersh, Mannis and Bogen.)

stubborn old.....
stubborn old…..

For sure there is only a handful of major firms doing well in today’s world of DIVORCE. Of those large firms, who are doing well? This is primarily due to their reputations and well founded management style. The largest and fastest growing is Meyer, Olson, Lowy & Meyers (this firm is now the biggest in Southern California, founded by Lisa Helfend Meyer, offices in Century City and Orange County), Hersh, Mannis & Bogen (Solid, well-managed and a strong presence for those in the know located In Beverly Hills) and frankly, as large firms go, the others could very well become mortuaries in the months and years ahead. Many, and I do mean many, of the early trail blazers are now nothing more than mule teams, and cannot let go, no matter how many times they get lost in an elevator or forget were they park their car.

Frankly I wish I could explain why this decline has struck so many big firms but it has and it is not going to get better. Enter Hunter, Christiansen, Scott, Pakravan, and Slevin. These 5 lawyers all have their own private practices and share the same address, 280 South Beverly Drive, #205 Beverly Hills, California 90212. Over the years I have worked with all of them and I was always impressed by their ability and frankly, I am a little surprised that they did not get scooped by another firm. My thoughts, these five are going to do just fine.

Hillary Slevin, along with being a very talented and successful DIVORCE lawyer, is also a respected educator at a large University. Hillary was with Trope and Trope for many years. Ms. Slevins focus is almost surgical in how she does her job, obviously very much on top of what it is going to be that you will need. 310-248-4985 280 South Beverly Drive, Suite 205 Beverly Hills, California 90212



Tara Lyn Scott, formerly of Trope and Trope (14 years) is finding that she is fantastic at mediation. No big news either. Others too are making a bee line to her office for her services. Tara Scott was a critical component at her former firm and is a real find for anyone looking for some serious help.
310-975-7048 Law and Mediation Offices of Tara Scott, 280 S. Beverly Drive, Suite 205, Beverly Hills, California 90212



Attorney and Equestrian
Attorney and Equestrian


Troy A. Christiansen, formerly of Hersh, Mannis & Bogen, has a presence in a courtroom and is a very talented equestrian outside the courtroom. I mention this only in so much that having that ability with animals as majestic as horses gives him a great deal of confidence. Troy is a leader in the relatively new area of DIVORCE law among same-sex marriages. (you folks wanted equality, I hope you enjoy the ride, to all my friends in the gay community 🙂 )





Jonathan Pakravan, also formerly of Trope and Trope, too has heard the drum beats of another career, and why not. Mr. Pakravan has also decided to go ahead and take advantage of his training and while still young, is making his presence in the courtroom and the world of DIVORCE. Congrats Jonathan, we will be watching and supporting you here at BTW, Jonathan can share the misery of what a DIVORCE is in other languages besides English!!!! 310-248-3548



Don't let his youthful looks fool you...
Don’t let his youthful looks fool you…


Bret H. Hunter. Here is an interesting fact. Bret has been practicing law for over 20 years. He looks as if he may have started at 15 years old! Bret attended University of Michigan for undergrad, and Southern Methodist University School of Law Dallas Texas. Just his education alone should make one want to hire him! Bret has also a strong foothold in the new and developing area of same-sex marriages. 310-248-2682




The common thread here folks is this, each and every one of these lawyers that I mention above have both life experiences and educations that make what they have to say and think valuable. (Unlike one big So Used To be firm once said at a gala, first thing we do is look at your financials. aaargh!) We here at can promise you this, these people are running a business and need to be paid! Your financial net worth will not ever be their primary focus in evaluating you as a potential client….nothing is free, so have a way to finance this new adventure, DIVORCE!


Note: Some of you wonderful people think that Fees is a City in China that you have no desire to visit! It is not! Do Not be cheap, offer to pay these folks for an hour or two of their time! IF you are cheap or a dead beat, please do not bother anyone you see on UNLESS it is someone we DO NOT LIKE, then feel free to burn up as much time of theirs as you please 🙂





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By John Nazarian
Straight Talk with John J. Nazarian, Private Investigator
October 6, 2015
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