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Great News Southern California!!!

Good News Southern California potential DIVORCE people, you have another new and improved choice! Melanie Shornick, Lawyer is a free agent. After many many years with Trope and Trope, Melanie has taken the plunge. Many have tried and fallen on their faces. Another smart move was forgetting about the silly Beverly Hills address. When you have real talent you could work out of the trunk of your car and be just fine. Note: Trust me the Beverly Hills address is sought out by many incompetent lawyers, to try and get credibility, not all but some. Melanie is close by in Santa Monica. Law Offices of Melanie Shornick, 233 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 400, Santa Monica, California 90401

Likely one of the best lawyers in the State of California when it comes to you waking up and realizing you are screwed and need a lawyer who can pull you our of the bucket of shit you are stuck in, aka DIVORCE, California style.

Melanie Shornick, Esq.
Melanie Shornick, Esq.
Melanie is a Certified Specialist. She had been with Trope and Trope since 2006 and like many before her decided to open her own practice. A graduate of Southwestern School of Law and a B.A. from the University of California, Los Angeles. Remember the story we did on Melanie several months ago about Gun Fighter Divorce Lawyers. She is one that will fight for you like you can’t imagine. So be smart, at least speak with Melanie and pay her for the office time, no one works for free!

For us here at she has always been one of our favorites and as more than 1,000,000 people know and agree, we always pick winners. Congrats to Melanie Shornick. You can find her at 310-917-1051. Go ahead and call her, make an appointment and dont forget your checkbook.

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October 5, 2015
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