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Everyone or least many are waiting for the pendulum to swing the other way in the policing of America. From what we see on our televisions and read in newspapers one would truly wonder why would anyone take on the job of policing our inner cities? Or for that matter, if being a white officer and not one of color has some downfalls for what was once a career that would take a young officer to his or hers retirement. The system in place today has taken the position that if departments across America hired chiefs and sheriffs that reflect the local populace that things would be better. We have seen several times where that too does not work, our inner cities no matter how much money is pumped into them are simmering pots of discontent. Where is mine , for many, it will never come. And we are watching The United States of America develop into a country with a Third World Mentality. I often wonder if this very real development is not by design? Press 1 for English? Why? English is the language of this great country, why do I have to choose?

I certainly can remember very clearly that most police departments and sheriffs departments at one time were mostly white.( Irish and Italians ) And then the obvious hit, that there were people of color who could and would be able to be hired and do as good a job as what was at the time the standard color. It is my opinion that every officer who has sworn to uphold the law is a potential target for taking bad guys off the street, those that would hurt, kill and steal from us. We have recently seen a slew of indictments of police officers, one was simply driving the van taking a bad guy to the jail house. Black Lives Matter was morphed into, All Lives Matter and my favorite and one often used by us is, Cops Lives Matter . Frankly, I may even add more often it is a cop that I am going to defend. We live in a country that it is Peace Officers, who keep the evil and criminals at bay, and it is by those men and women who police our nations streets and highways.

When I was trained and I was trained by some of the best in the business at local, state and federal levels there was a very important term. That was the spirit of the law and the letter of the law, both very important and the foundations of being a good cop. I was fortunate, I began my career as a Los Angeles County Sheriffs Explorer, back in those (1970) days the training was very tough, as bad as boot camp as I recall. ( weekends ) And likewise, when we graduated we had some serious responsibilities, unlike today, ( it was a great time to be an Explorer ) I recall being given a shotgun and told to use it if things got bad one dark night out in Aqua Dulce Airport. That we would also assist in booking arrestees at the old Newhall station located in Newhall, California. Art Pelino and Bob Warford were two of my very early mentors, it was the 70s and a different time. I can become dam near emotional when I think of those days, it was the good times.

Where is Al or Jesse?
Where is Al or Jesse?

An interesting stat on the news the other night ( 9-15 ) was that in just over a one month period there was 39 murders in the City of Angels, many in the area of Los Angeles know as South L.A. L.A.P.D. so far this year has had 43 homicides in what is pretty much Ghetto Central, and gangs are a huge part of this problem. My point in glossing over this number is that as long as it is blacks killing blacks it would seem to people like myself that this is acceptable. Where are the Al Sharptons, and the Jessie Jacksons walking and talking about the unfairness of the killing in these situations. Young people are being killed and it seems like just another day in the hood.

Let an officer in the performance of his or her duty kill a criminal and watch the fanfare, a better show could not be bought at Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus. We will watch cops and deputies ( Peace Officers ) lives being ruined for doing what is right 99.9 percent of the time. Oh for sure we have seen some horrible cases of people being murdered by officers while in uniform.

Three come to mind is the young boy in Ohio who was playing with a toy gun and gets slaughtered by two officers, the traffic stop and the man attempts to run and is gunned down like a rabid dog, and the most recent, a young black kids car breaks down and knocks on doors trying to get a little help and is seen running for fear of the officers tasers and is gunned down. Ferguson, Missouri and Michael Brown, this young hoodlum was shot and killed as he should have been. He was a criminal and that officer did a public service in dispatching this criminal to his reward in the hereafter.

There are still good ones...
There are still good ones…

It has been a social issue as to the fairness of policing in our cities as to why are so many blacks arrested? Well these folks commit a lot of crimes within their own communities and due to the high number of police assigned to those areas due to the crime numbers more get arrested. Go to Middletown, New York, you see an occasional police patrol officer, they have very little serious crime, go visit Palos Verdes Estates, seldom do you see a cop. Pretty simple, flies like shit, not too much shit, not going to have many flies.



We are watching the wholesale slaughter of police officers and deputies and other peace officers across this great country. It has to stop and stop at all costs, it became a real problem that cop killers were being arrested and brought to justice in a traditional way, THIS IS A HUGE MISTAKE! My thoughts that like not being able to shoot a fleeing felon that taking a cop killer alive was a huge error and now like so many other wrongs in handling the criminal element, this too is wrong, cop killers should be taken dead! The term dead or a live was a very strong expression and I can already hear the bleating of the sheep at this very thought that I have expressed. And it is the sheep that cant seem to think for themselves that we find ourselves as a society spinning like Dantes inferno.

We'll see
We’ll see

The Silent Majority is not going to remain silent for very long, the idea that as American citizen that if some group or spin masters takes offense to what you say, you are labeled a RACIST. LMAO, this is a term that can make some just shut up and walk away. For me I will say what is on my mind, if someone disagrees with me that too is their right. Want to be politically correct fine, you just go right ahead and do that. One reason we are seeing Donald Trump doing so well in the race for president is that he is speaking his mind, something that is becoming rare in our America today. Speaking your mind and Freedom of Speech is very important as is freedom of the press and the right to bear arms in our 2nd Amendment. All of this is under a concerted effort by a few to reign take further control of we the people, into a state of silence. At one time I was a Deputy and I have also been a Police Officer and I wont hold my tongue for no one, I believe in this country and I believe in the American fabric. We just need to find a real good dry cleaner.

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By John Nazarian
Straight Talk with John J. Nazarian, Private Investigator
September 6, 2015
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