Pass the KY and kleenex please…

Breaking News…..What Los Angeles Superior Court Judge gave a lawyer for the WIFE the go ahead to go and take HUSBANDS phone and copy it, BY COURT ORDER, because he had joined a club to JERK OFF! Masturbating can be held against you guys if your WIFE has a lawyer smart enough to go to court with an Ex Parte hearing and blind side the HUSBAND and his lawyer. Amazingly it was that a FAMILY LAW JUDGE took the hook, line and sinker and issued an order to copy his cell phone. This happens to be a judge who is not known for being too quick at connecting the dots…..he did not miss a beat on this one!


Dreaming of a hot banana.....
Dreaming of a hot banana…..

No community money was used, the balance in the accounts is the same and now HUSBANDS have to be careful not to choke the chicken. I swear, this is 100% true! The Judge who did this, and the whole story, will be coming up as soon as I can get a seat in the courtroom for the next hearing. Question, how does HUSBANDS masturbating have anything to do with a FAMILY LAW bench officer in Los Angeles? Two people showed up in this guys office and demanded to take his cell phone to be copied! Folks, I could not make this stuff up….with the judges order in hand! Funnier yet is that I have never heard of this lawyer. The lawyer for the HUSBAND is a very, very high profile member of the Beverly Hills Bar.


good thing we bought stock in Kleenix and KY....
good thing we bought stock in Kleenix and KY….


Soooooooo, hide your kleenex and your cell phone and stop trying to relax yourself while fighting for your life. 🙂








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By John Nazarian
Straight Talk with John J. Nazarian, Private Investigator
August 11, 2015
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