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How many times during the adventures of a DIVORCE does the wife try and dupe her soon to be X out of his parental duties. Now, I am not talking about a plate of spaghetti or a delicious meatloaf with a nice red glaze, oh no this is for real! Wife has loads of Do Re Money and hires a hack to go and file a crock of BS and the games begin. Yes, this is the real thing. Not for any entertainment here folks. Mom has Dad in her sights and is going to pull the trigger……but does she hit the target? Proof is tough, keeping the story straight is even tougher. And Mom is visiting the world of one of the best DIVORCE judges in these United States and will she prevail? This is going to be a walk through the “Twilight Zone,” for both parties.

Welcome The Kitty Ranch's all night buffet
Welcome The Kitty Ranch’s all night buffet
A few weeks ago I decided to drop by one of my favorite camping spots for a lesson in the adventures of DIVORCE in America. That spot is for me a great source of entertainment, the courtroom of the Honorable Thomas Trent Lewis. Now that Judge Lewis is in Long Cause, it is a little like an all night buffet. Some of this lunacy can take days and weeks, so you can drop in, get a taste and come back another day for a different taste. One thing you will always do and that is learn something new. Perhaps it would have been time well spent for Ms. Sharzer to have spent some time doing research in Judge Lewis courtroom a few times. To get a feel for how this judicial officer looks for the truth and a sense of reality in those who speak in front of him, or more appropriately, to the left of him. A little like doing research on an American Nightmare called DIVORCE. There wont be any Emmy nominations for this event, trust me.

You have now entered the Divorce Zone...
You have now entered the Divorce Zone…
On this day I saw Lisa Hefend Meyer, the founder of Meyer, Olson, Lowy and Meyers, LLP and her son, Eric Meyer, Esq. representing the victim of a disgruntled wife who was, as far as I could see and understand, just sick of seeing and hearing him (the X). Lisa Helfend Meyer is likely one of the tops in her field in defending Dads being attacked by angry and well financed X wives. On the other side was Elyse Margolin and her assistant, aka wallet. She was parked at the table for nothing more than a billing purpose. Lucky days for Elyse, as the client she has is a BIG Bread Winner……LMAO! A TV person, Jessica Sharzer (a TV big shot from the FXs American Horror Story). This is funny, Jessica Sharzer was getting billed for a legal experience, some think of that experience like the old Twilight Zone! Almost like, the rich women slips into a dream state and goes to Target to have tailored suit made of silk. And then wakes up and sees Rod Serling, walking out of Target wearing the silk suit…..but what is that stink?

Well, for me sitting and listening I have to say that listening to Ms. Jessica Sharzer testify was a DIVORCE Horror Story, of her own making. I am guessing that Elyse Margolin would be the executive producer of this Horror Story. The entire premise, as I could see, was to do whatever it took to make Dad, Paul Gutrecht, look like the bad guy. Try and dirty him up. This guy did nothing wrong other than to marry Ms. Sharzer, it would appear. And now he was fighting for his right to continue to be a Dad and be in his kids life….pretty simple, right?

One little tid bit of the story was the time Paul came over to the house to do Dad stuff and Jessicas new boyfriend was at the house. How tough would it had been to have the the new sperm donor take a hike a few minutes while she and Dad took care of family business. BUT NOOOOOOOOOOO! That would not be tortuous enough for her. It was apparent to me that the main issue is that Paul needs to just go away. This would give Ms. Sharzer time to move on and not have to deal with Dad at all and she would be the Mom and Dad. She is ready and willing to take this task on, that was obvious in her testimony.

My prediction is that all Jessica Sharzer is going to get from all of this Tom Foolery is a HUGE legal bill from the Law Offices of Elyse Margolin. And the money was well earned by Ms. Margolin. It had to difficult to take a barrel of bullshit and try and weave a silk suit out of it. The question is, will Ms. Sharzer like the stitching when she catches up to Rod Serling?

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By John Nazarian
Straight Talk with John J. Nazarian, Private Investigator
July 6, 2015
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