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The Gun Did It

I recall as a young man while I was learning how to garden that sometimes when you were getting ready to plant some seedlings in a garden bed a dam cat turd would pop up! Good Ol kitty thought when it took that shit that it buried, and the turds, gone forever! However, then I come along and in the process of planting I dig it back to the surface to stink and attract flies. It is a bitch (this was the word that put all of these events into play) when this happens, and as now, you got to deal with cat shit! Well the same thing has happened to the YEPREMYAN murder case, the big difference is the size of the turds!

ain't enough makeup in the world.....
ain’t enough makeup in the world…..

Gombert Mike Yepremyan was murdered on November 18, 2009. Mike was murdered by Zareh Manjikian and Vahagn Jurian. The reason was pretty simple actually, Mike had sent a text to his then girlfriend, Danielle N Wegrzyn, telling her that he did not want her to be hanging with the bitch, that being a family member of Jurian, Khatun KAT Vardanyan. Within hours, Mike would be murdered by the two convicted killers. This case was named Teen Text message murder by us here at (Note: I am guessing for these recent immigrants the word BITCH is a terrible thing.) So terrible, a young boy who was truly a keeper, was murdered. As I recall, as a young cop that seldom do the ones that really deserve to die, die! However, as it is stated in the bible, Every Dog Has its Day……woof!

My other saucer is a Ha'tak
My other saucer is a Ha’tak

It is the job of every convicted criminal in any penal system in the U.S. to always try and find a technicality to hang their hat on to try and get to freedom. Most fail miserably due to ridiculous positions as to why they should not have been convicted and some, well, are just stupid! Zareh Manjikian aka The Shooter, and Vahagn Jurian aka The Short One / Driver, have managed to find two of the original witnesses to come up with one hell of a story! It was Mikes gun. Sure, and he also arrived to the meeting on a flying saucer. Someone had better realize this attempt to lie has the potential to give the original two murderers well deserved company!


The other day it was almost like the good old days, family members on both sides were present. And of course, there is still no apologies coming from the families of the two convicted first degree murders who did the deed. There is not a question as to what happened that day in the Sears parking lot, and all I can say is it has to be an Armenian thang. It is that very same attitude that has two of these families sons in prison. It is that Village Mentality I wrote of back in 2012.

courtroom robbery...
courtroom robbery…

We now we have a real entertaining ensemble of lawyers, the same group as before! However, now this group of legal beagles want the State of California to pay their fees, not their normal outrageous fees, but a lower rate. WHAT IS WRONG WITH A PUBLIC DEFENDER? Manjikian and Jurian are claiming they are without money or a more legal term Indigent. For most criminals the PUBLIC DEFENDER is the choice for convicts or lawyers who want to do Pro Bono. ‘The burden they carried pro bono publico lawyers who undertake this work for the public good without charge, especially legal work for a client with a low income….or broke ones!


ya shure got a purty mouth, boy
ya shure got a purty mouth, boy

This is not going unnoticed by the D.A.s office and there is another prosecutor in place to assist Edward Nison, Deputy District Attorney, very seasoned and tough! Ed Nison was the one who put the Boys in prison to begin with! Hey fellas, you do remember Ed? Well, he has a new friend that will be working with him, her name is Nicole Flood, Deputy District Attorney, and if you thought Nison was miserable, well now multiply that by four! These recanting witnesses…recant is a 16 Century word, revoke (expressing reversal) or as we think here on an even older word, L I A R ! All is still good. As for the two folks who want to come forward with this incredible story? As I clearly stated earlier, they are going to be getting some real up close and personal attention from some very talented people. They will be from the Attorney Generals office and the L.A. District Attorneys office and the LAPD. My advice would be to practice the company line as you have been instructed and see how that works out for you. As they say in the Old Armenian Fables, The truth is easy. Making up stories and basically being a hired L I A R will be tough to deal with. Lies are tough, the truth was easy, but as it is often stated, practice practice practice.

I see dumb people....
I see dumb people….

Again, we are seeing a certain level of cultural ignorance. The original facts made perfect sense and a verdict by a jury was handed down. Now, these very same folks are trying to lie, basically, and use their lawyers on the states dime to bring all of this into a criminal court in hopes that the two convicted murders can get out? Good luck to you both..the recanting witnesses, that is.Note: Anthony Brooklier looked as he always does, rested and well dressed and did I mention cagey? Michael Levin was present, trying to act surprised (as if he sat on a whoopee cushion) at the comments and an interesting addition to Team People. Levin now has a bun. big bunch of hair attached to the back of his head. The big hair, and the ill fitting suit he just looked fat. Likely still eating on all that Armo money he got paid (for taking care of the boys) from the first hustle of these criminals and their families! He almost looked like a cheap imitation of the very famous Tony Serra, a true American legend of the law.

the wheel goes round and round...
the wheel goes round and round…

There was the usual group of lawyers for the killers and some of their family members all drooling at the potential thought of getting money from the government to finance this new Goat and Sheep show. This is the Armenian version of that other American show, the Dog and Pony show. My prediction is that a couple of NEW people will be spending some time in custody. This judge, and those who represent The People, are not going to find any of this entertaining and will come back with a stinging response. Welcome to America and our justice system, it is a double edge sword that can cut sharp either way.




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By John Nazarian
Straight Talk with John J. Nazarian, Private Investigator
June 6, 2015
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