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Happy Fathers Day….not so much

Judge or Comm. Cowan I thought Comm. but it said Judge in his Probate Courtroom last week on May 14 when he slammed me with financial sanctions, totally disregarded due process, blatantly treated me very differently than the attorneys at the table and since I must file in response to this I simply cannot post what Id like to on your Desperate exs site but I am hoping you might take some mercy on me and point me in a beneficial direction or ??



Carries a whole bag of lawsuits...
Carries a whole bag of lawsuits…

I became a Vex Litigant in 2001 or 2002 after I filed opposition to being assigned to any of the Orange County Sup Ct Judges who had, at the behest of the Clerk of Court signed the petition to allow Judge David Klein to have his name on the ballot to run as an incumbent Judge for re-election, even as he was off the bench under home arrest after child porn had been discovered on his courtroom computer. My case was about the failure of LASC to protect my daughter after her allegations of sexual molest by her father to a therapist who filed a mandated report which resulted in an almost immediate DCFS home visit to interview my daughter, order me not to permit any contact with her father as they also told me we would be in court in 72 hours about it. LA County investigated the allegations and substantiated all then filed a Juv. Dep. Petition for my daughters protection, citing I believe 7 offenses………….

I Am The Law! - Judge Dredd
I Am The Law! – Judge Dredd

When I filed to remove my eventual Petition against those who disregarded evidence and otherwise failed to protect my daughter, that was granted. Then news of the crime mentioned above broke so I contacted the Fair Political Practices Commission and obtained copies of Kleins re-election petition that had been filed. It reflected the circulator to be the Orange County Sup Court Clerk and lots of the judges on that bench sure enough my case got assigned to one of them who then on his own motion refused my motion to disqualify him. He of course ruled against me at every turn and then granted the Motion of the LA Court Judges, appointees and my ex to declare me a vexatious litigant. The order specifically states that I cannot file NEW litigation without legal counsel…………….

Mine! Mine!
Mine! Mine!

My daughter, who had graduated from Pasadena High School remained in the custody of her father then suddenly there was a hearing for a her to be conserved under the sole control of her father ! ………….. Order issued that the Temporary Conservatorship would be effective at 12:01 AM on her 18th birthday…………At 28 !!! still under the fraudulent conservatorship she remains the sole property of her father……….



Law? What's tha.........
Law? What’s tha………

Both the law and specific orders are irrelevant to many attorneys and judges. So 2 or 3 days before a scheduled hearing last week on May 14 before Judge David Cowan, my objections to the newest court appointed PVP report ( filed 3 weeks later than allowed at the time of his appointment, and basically an attack on me) my exes lawyer, a high billing Partner at very influential law office mail served me with her Motion for me to be financially sanctioned for all fees with the argument being the attached copy of the OLD Vex Lit Order. The Continuance to this date had been granted by the judge to permit me to file my opposition to the PVP hatchet job on me and interestingly enough, the PVP had filed a revised report, basically editing out that rabid attack. However, I was not allowed to speak to that, Counsel for my ex demanded the sanctions, I only got in the statement that the order specifically stated at page-line- that it applied only to NEW litigation when the judge cut me off and made the sanction order……….

Money? I have no stinkin money!
Money? I have no stinkin money!

Perhaps I should have taken some action to try to remove the Vex Lit order but I can read and figured it would be a waste of time. The Courts, absolutely refused to protect my daughter despite her own allegations, fully substantiated by her father ( whose lawsuit against LA County, elected and appointed officials and myself was basically thrown out but certainly chilled our daughters protection) the took my daughter away from me and severed the super wonderful mother daughter bond we shared without any litigation to actually terminate my parental rights, my assets including my SEP IRA and inheritance gifts exclusively given to me by my parents were given to my ex and I was driven into bankruptcy. I was given no share whatsoever of any of his assets. He and his counsel are entirely aware that my sole income is SSI which I began to draw early due to medical disability and the above- and is only $927/month. It does not begin to cover my expenses or even medical needs covered in part now by Medicaid and Medicare.

One mans junk science is anothers payday...
One mans junk science is anothers payday…

There are myriads of stories on Facebook of the thousands of mothers who have been harassed by the men who have been given our abused children and the mothers then bankrupted as we are unable to simply walk away from our children. This goes on all over America and the defense that we all alienate our children against their fathers and cause them to make false allegations is as much poppy cock as was prolific author Columbia U adjunct professor Richard Gardners Parental Alienation Syndrome which has been labeled JUNK SCIENCE. I have no idea what they will do to collect the fees orders paid by me, but I expect it to be painful and mean. I really need help and so does my daughter who seemingly has become a master of adaptation to survive. The whole travesty needs to be vetted and righted.

Please take a number and I'll get with you....
Please take a number and I’ll get with you….

My ex was an evidently valuable asset as VP of Advertising and Production for the LA Owner of a vast Cable Network who he claimed in deposition gave him the funds to win our daughter. His W-2 reflected income in excess of $300,000 when he had convinced LASC he could not afford to pay the court appointed attorney for my daughter in the Fam. Law case ( who I have proof was paid at least $80,000 by LA County/Courts and likely even more. I understand no court appointed attorney makes that money, but I got the payment records and filed them. The lady is now a Judge of course.)



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May 23, 2015
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