Dad and his Lawyer- The Long Cause Prequal

Update from the court: This was a case that was briefly taken in front of The Rabbi and the Lack of Commitment. I have long known of the old trick that if you want to stop or stymie a DIVORCE, file bankruptcy and it is 100% your right to this. HOWEVER, be warned as The Honorable Judge Thomas Trent Lewis lets this scoundrels lawyer know, Judge Lewis he too has options and lots of them. One of the best is called, are you ready, Mistrial. And again, along with the tons of other things Judge Lewis has is knowledge of Bankruptcy Law aka Trickster Chapter I. Oh and the special part that Judge lewis spoke of? He authored it….LMAO, too funny, I am rolling around on the floor! Now had the good judge not been child centered all of this might have slipped by. Be warned all you readers and haters out there, this guy (Judge Lewis) misses nothing! And to make this even clearer, how about this! I am not going to let this kid wait 2 years meaning dad in his attempt to screw mommy around was going to screw his child around too……well that was the jest of it. However, it is not going to happen quite as Dad and his Lawyer had planned. There is a big dark cloak standing over it and in that cloak is The Honorable Thomas Trent Lewis.

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By John Nazarian
Straight Talk with John J. Nazarian, Private Investigator
May 115, 2015
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