For some who read and enjoy my ramblings, and I do think there are one or two who do, here is one for the Monday morning of what did he do? AMICUS CURIAE, this is legal latin for A Friend of the Court.





As much fun as a barrel full of snakes
As much fun as a barrel full of snakes

I often wonder when a bunch of snakes are tossed into a barrel, do they bite each other? Well, I will tell you this, DIVORCE lawyers love to screw each other over…one of the best of all time here in Southern California was when one managed to get his best friend at the time WIRE TAPPED, by the now incarcerated Anthony Pellicano! Big hugs to the Pellican…. These two were friends! Camping buddies, buds for life, lets share a tent buddies! Based on this very real example, the rest of us do not stand a chance when dealing with some of these DIVORCE lawyers. Another old adage is there is no honor amongst thieves.

Talk about tossing the bull or pulling the plug, hello you there? What very very rich DIVORCE lawyer went out of his way to get another very very very hard working DIVORCE lawyer dumped from a panel that she was to sit on in the last few weeks? What the hell? When you can screw with your competition why not, right? Oh I get it, loud and clear. No, I really do! No babes in the woods here…I have to stop!

Whoops! Did I do that?
Whoops! Did I do that?

Well, the rumor is that these two super duper DIVORCE lawyers are in front of the same judge in a case they are both involved with…..Soooooo the big fellow with the bags of money decides to pull the carpet out from under opposing counsel! Stating that lovely legal term conflict….If all the conflicts ever came to light, the system as we know it would crash!

You know that the big fellow had to have had a little chuckle, sorta like Saint Nick, watching Rudolph get a piece of Reindeer ass…you getting me here?

But wait, what is good for the goose is good for the gander, this very same very very rich DIVORCE lawyer is on a panel with a judge that is on one of his cases. (I wonder if opposing counsel knows of this and would they too, find a piece of carpet and give it the Ol Heave Ho!) Remember that damn goose & gander stuff.

Whats good for the goose....
Whats good for the goose….

Now Judge Schneider and I go way back. We did a movie together and a finer bench officer would be hard to find! How nice is this, right? And that is I am guessing OK! Amicus Curiae to you too!





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By John Nazarian
Straight Talk with John J. Nazarian, Private Investigator
April 19, 2015
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