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DIVORCE is never going to be easy nor pleasant, however, what we are seeing developing in the Los Angeles Superior Court ‘Family Law Section’ is a little unnerving. I am speaking of the change of positions in Department 2 and other courtrooms at The Stanley Mosk.

The ‘Gordon & Lewis show is gone forever, and in my opinion, that was a real kick in the gut to the process of DIVORCE in Southern California. Change is good, however, in many things. However, how long will it take a judge that is coming from traffic court to catch his / her stride and make rulings that he or she will be able to understand? Or better yet, the lawyers and litigants standing or sitting before the bench officer? Now some judges were very very lucky as to having some great ‘clerks’ who themselves could sit and run a calendar. Judge school, does it teach the ‘new’ judge the games and bullshit that take place right before their eyes in DIVORCE court?

Judge School
Judge School
Certainly The Honorable Scott M. Gordon, as presiding judge of the Family Law Court, was as perfect a fit that could have been made……The Honorable one is now a criminal court judge. There were potentially several next best fits and now we have the Honorable Maren E. Nelson. I have to ask how did this happen? Not trying to be disrespectful here, but seriously, Judge Scott M. Gordon moves on and ‘someone’ thinks that Maren Nelson is the one? Judge Nelson is very well read and many have said a good judge. But, as good a cook as I am I am not opening any eateries any time soon. Many have contacted us in wonderment as the appropriate direction that this was done. Well, I say too late folks, welcome the new presiding judge, The Honorable Judge Maren E. Nelson.

This is a NO Bullshit Court Room.
This is a NO Bullshit Court Room.
Did anyone ask The Honorable Judge Lewis? The Honorable Judge Shaller? The Honorable Judge Juhas or even The Honorable Tamara Hall? Just a little humor mentioning Judge Hall as much as we’d enjoy her, that might be a stretch as of this moment….Having Judge Hall as ‘presiding’ would be priceless! I have another thought, The Honorable Judge Amy Pellman! BAM! However, lets just say, (Gordon – Citation X) v ( Nelson – Helicopter) One thing I am sure of is that the occasional laugh from the bench in Dept. 2 is long gone as is the bad food up at the cafeteria on the 9th floor. (Have you eaten at the Panarama Cafe? Very good) I am curious if Judge Nelsons sense of humor is up to date or is it going to be ‘keep it dry and lets cut the palsy walsy stuff’. Time will tell. did support Judge Nelson when she was recalled several years ago and will be supportive. And in saying all that, we are always looking for a good laugh!

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By John Nazarian
Straight Talk with John J. Nazarian, Private Investigator
February 10, 2015
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