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A Comedy Club Called Stanley Mosk – Desperate Exes | Unleashed

A Comedy Club Called Stanley Mosk

For the last few weeks I have been in and out of one of the funniest places on the planet, The Stanley Mosk Court House. Funny you ask? How can a Superior Court be funny? Like the Comedy Club or comic special on HBO? No, not at all. It is funny to see the level of incompetence that bench officers have to deal with on a daily basis. I have made it a mini career, to the point that I can wander into any courtroom in America of my choosing and be amused. How you ask? First, I have at times millions of followers on Here in Los Angeles, I am highly entertained by several judges. Department 88, the former home of The Honorable Scott M. Gordon, was one of my ‘favs’ for years, this was the place! (it is not anymore) I am betting that I may have to travel soon to be entertained in a whole different environment, just a rumor. Down the hall from 88 was the local of another tough cookie with a great sense of reality, as in ‘reality checking’, was The Honorable Donna Fields Goldstein, and The Honorable Amy Pellman. All of these bench officers let you know in no uncertain terms were you stood. That was, of course, if you were standing in front of them trying to be a jerk or working on full steam ahead stupid! This is were I got a great education on the law and the incredible material for Oh, I almost forgot another judge that had her fill of the world of DIVORCE, the Honorable Judge Feffer, now vacationing in civil court!

Today, after my breakfast of oatmeal, sour dough toast and coffee, I stumbled into the world of wisdom and second chances, department 79, The Honorable Thomas Trent Lewis presiding. Judge Lewis was moving through his calendar at a rapid pace. Not so rapid as for those who stand before him to walk away feeling they had not had their day in court. You get your day and you get the attention of this judge. Judge Lewiss courtroom was full as is always the case and even with what appeared to be a head cold he was moving the calendar along. One or two lawyers standing and asking for dates was advised by Judge Lewis that Dept. 79 has a little over 1500 cases being handled in his court. Note: divide that by 365 days, less weekends, holidays, trials and hearings and god only knows what else, how many litigants is that a day?

Where's the money?
Where’s the money?
Judge Lewis is, as are many other judges at the Stanley, almost always in a state of immense time constraints and at times it shows. The system has been broken for years. Gordon and Lewis have fixed L.A. to the best of their abilities, still not 100%. For Lewis, he is the poster boy for ‘never let them see you sweat’. In Judge Lewis you see an incredible knowledge of the law and faith. What the courts are dealing currently is simple, ‘Seeds have been sown and now we as citizens get to deal with underfunded courts and the bearing of the fruits of that legislative decision. Our state courts are over whelmed and it is not getting better. We can thank our legislature for all of this.

They hear it all
They hear it all
One young man sitting in front of Judge Lewis admitted that he did smack his now pregnant girlfriend. But the girlfriend (victim) is back in love with ‘Diego’ and thinks that it will get better. note: Sweetie, you may want to invest in a helmet, I predict it will come into use. Judge Lewis advises the victim that this behavior tends to get worse before, and if ever, it gets better. Through her interpreter, the court is advised that ‘lover boy’ is taking anger management classes. Nice, another joke. Remember, I find all of this funny and this is just a sampling. Judge Lewis admonished the boyfriend (suspect) that only cowards hit women and off to the side we hear, I love him. Good luck Diego, I am betting that you will be back in court one day, the one down the street with bars! Sorta hope I am wrong. However, as a former cop, seldom wrong! Judge Lewis, however, wishes both parties his best and hopes they do well for each other and their soon to be child as they exit department 79.

Another couple wanting a divorce is now standing in front of Judge Lewis with their lawyers. Judge Lewis gives some very sage advice, the holy truth of DIVORCE. Interested in ‘Redistributing your wealth’ he asks? From the bench Judge Lewis tells them to try and be reasonable with each other and listen to their lawyers or else. Others will have whatever little wealth they may have. And he also tell both litigants that if they and their lawyers want to become ‘frequent flyers in Dept 79’, he can provide them with those accommodations. Can it it get any more real than this? Be reasonable, make smart moves and you will not be purchasing some stranger a $100,000.00 wrist watch to wear at his/hers next award ceremony.

Then all of a sudden it seemed that the tide went out and there was that low tide odor. I look and here comes Elyse Margolin, Esq. and one of her money makers (associate, bill baby bill), setting up for what looks like a trial? Then Alexandra Leichter comes walking in with about 6 boxes in tow and her billing machine, another associate. This is going to be a trial, really?…..little did I know, these two have been at this for several days!

Laurel and Hardy, a Chump at Oxford
Laurel and Hardy, a Chump at Oxford
We also have an expert witness, Dr. James Kent. It is obvious from the way things are going someone has lots of money to spend and spend they are. What takes place next is a scene out of Abbot and Costello, The Three Stooges, Laurel & Hardy, just pick one. Here we have two divorce lawyers, both great billers, each with an associate, an expert witness, and Alexandra Leichter is attempting to cross examine the expert witness, Dr. Kent. Kent is obviously Margolins guy at times he is cross examining Leichter. Judge Lewis is now attempting to interpret for the ‘expert’ witness what Leichter is attempting to say using pictures and panties. All is missing is crayons. Margolin is doing her usual impersonation of Wiley Coyote and is bouncing out of her seat to object every few minutes, as she should. Leichter is grabbing and doing back flips to try and get on the record what she thinks is important. What I am witnessing is a total wackadoodle example of some bad lawyering, but fun, because I am not paying for this horse shit. It is very apparent to me that Leichter has no idea on how to cross examine the expert witness and is clueless as to the rules of evidence. To watch is painful. Maybe, just maybe, Ms. Leichter you should have brought someone with some talent in and shared those fees? Too bad for the litigants, they bought what I am sure they thought was a Cadillac and a Mercedes Benz and got a pair of Corollas.

But, everyone is getting paid for this charade and is a total waste of the courts time and the litigants have to be under a strong dose of ether. How can they be sitting there and not realize what is happening? And upon wakening, they will have realized that there has been a redistribution of wealth…..too bad these two litigants had not been present for Judge Lewiss advice to the previous folks as to watching their money leave their hands and into the hands of others, Leicther & Margolin, LMAO

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By John Nazarian
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October 8, 2014
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