John J Nazarian vs Rose Turner on Subjects they don’t Agree on!!

John J Nazarian and Rose Turner of Rose squared off on September 14, 2014 on the many things they don’t agree on via an interview and exchanges on Blog Talk Radio.

The two discussed everything from the middle Asia conflict to the shooting death of an unarmed teenager in Ferguson, Missouri; to the death penalty; for profit prisons; victimless crimes that end people up in prison; John’s belief that law enforcement is almost always right to Rose’s opinion of not so fast; DNA and how it has worked to free people; California vs Texas laws all the way to the Castle Act. There are many more, this was a hot but funny program and we invite all of you to listen. Rose Turner normally is the co-producer of John Nazarian’s show who introduce guests so the back and forth of why they disagree on these subjects is a rare look into how friends can have such differing opinions. We hope you enjoy it!!!

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Do you now think the show name should be changed to John’s world instead of Straight talk with John J Nazarian? Who do you think won this exchange? Did you enjoy this lively discussion? Would you like to listen to more shows like this one?

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By John Nazarian
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September 15, 2014
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