The Rich Old Guy and The Horses

What parent cannot relate to a childs desire to have a ‘horsey’? Even for myself, my grand kids too wanted a horse. And as a parent and grandfather, we do have horses on my ranch and I also feel strongly that all that goes with owning a horse is important to a childs development.

Now lets move quickly to the world of the rich, not just rich, but mega rich. For the last several years, Lisa Bonder Kerkorian has asked for and received what could easily be considered a boat full of money from her former husband, Kirk Kerkorian, one very famous old rich guy. Michael Trope represents Ms. Kerkorian and has for a number of years. It was Michael Trope who got Ms. Kerkorian the largest child support order in the United States. Ms. Kerkorian sent her mouth piece back into court for more. This single act has brought Lisa Bonder Kerkorian back into the lime light of being the brunt of lots of jokes.

Lisa and Kirk Kerkorian
Lisa and Kirk Kerkorian
Lisa and Kirk Kerkorian were married for a total of one month in 1999. She has admitted that Kerkorian is not Kira’s biological father…….. $2400 per month for equestrian activities and $1400 a month for French and ballet lessons. For that kind of money, they should be able to teach the horse to speak French…….. If she could ask for $11,000 a month for food for a four-year old, how much is she going to want once that kid becomes a teenager? Pizzas cost a lot more than cupcakes.

I happen to know Ms. Kerkorian and I actually have always liked her, and the problem is that as outrageous as some of these numbers are, they are real. If Lisa was still married to the rich, almost dead old guy, this money would be spent and spent without a thought. Folks, the very rich are very different than the rest of us, that is a fact. I recall speaking to Ms. Kerkorian years ago as to the issue of how strange her financial needs would sound to a judge, a bailiff and most people sitting and listening. It does seem strange, but it is very very real and it is the way many wealthy people live. So give Ms. Kerkorian a break, if you dont know the reality of the wealthy and how some live their lives, maybe you should just shut up!

Kerkorian's Minions
Kerkorian’s Minions
The biggest problem for Lisas lawyer, Michael Trope, was who was representing Mr. Kerkorian. None other than the firm of Hersh, Mannis and Bogen. Joe Mannis and Judy Bogen. Along with Mr. Ks incredible legal team, there were Mr. Kerkorians minions, always present ‘protecting their interest’, the happiness and satisfaction of their master. A couple of these Kerkorian ‘hanger-oners’ I recall from the days of the Pellicano trial…..sitting and listening they do and creep along in the shadow of their ‘master’. Reporting dutifully to their master not unlike ‘Charlee’, my security animal. Oh, they do their work and do it well. Frankly, they have a ‘creepy’ feel to their presence. Even when you are living the life with these wealthy moguls, however short or long it maybe, these paid stalkers watching and listening at all times and reporting. Putting up with that in itself could be worth millions to leave when the shit hits the fan…and it will!

Patty Glaser, the ‘Tyrant of Law’, was sitting and listening too. (I have spoken to Patty several times and have always found her beyond entertaining. It would not be fun to have her sitting in front of you and doing what she does and does well, being the queen of a ‘White Shoe’ practice.)

Joe Mannis and Judy Bogen looked more like trained chefs as they diced and shredded all of the testimony that Michael Trope and his client had put together in their attempt to get more millions for ‘horsemanship’, saddled and down the road. Yee Haw! Judge Gordon too was listening and had to be wondering as a career public servant these were some crazy numbers being tossed around.

A superior court judge barely makes $200,000 a year. Sure, they get great medical and the best part is the prestige, under paid beyond any sense of reason, but to be called ‘Your Honor’. (I have a theory on why some become a judge and that will be discussed later.)

Who let the horse's out?
Who let the horse’s out?
Well, by the time the wrecking crew from Hersh, Mannis and Bogen were through, as brilliantly presented as it was by Michael Trope, Mannis and Bogen had trampled all of it as if there had been a ‘stampede’ of wild horses. What you had were three incredible lawyers, possibly 3 of the best of the best in the United States, and in the end The Very Honorable Judge Scott Gordon hit the switch on the garbage disposal. After all, Mr. Trope delivered an incredible oration of why these insane figures made perfect sense and why the little girl needed all of this and frankly more. You would have had to been there to listen to the oration of ‘big money’ and how great it sounded. You too would have been nodding your head in agreement. Sure, give Lisa K more money she really did need it.

Joe Mannis did an equally incredible job of why all of this was outrageous and not called for. Millions for horses? After all, even a potential Olympic participant can go look else where for her money and not from her ‘rich old daddy, who BTW has so much money that his ‘minions’ will do all they can to stop a dime more going to his little girl…..Mannis and Bogen did an amazing job, all that dicing and chopping needed to be disposed of and with a smack of the BIG gavel Judge Gordon hit the nail on the head. The judge bought none of Lisa Bonder Kerkorians well presented needs of her daughter. There is a difference between the ‘needs’ of a child and the ‘wants’ of a child. And that is it for now.

No cookie for you!
No cookie for you!
Note: there was a dark joke in Hollywood that Bob Hope was technically dead for two years before someone decided to bury him. Just like the ‘lifestyle’, even death is often held at bay for years. These rich folks can have a hospital in their homes away from prying eyes and can be kept going as long as no one pulls the plug. Some are questioning if that may well be the case of Mr. Kerkorian. One thing I think we can all bet on is this. When the rich old guy decides to take his dirt nap or be stored in a nice cool marble crypt, his minions will be sure to give not a dime to Lisa Bonder Kerkorian. As for ‘their’ daughter? That is a bet I am not sure of………

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By John Nazarian
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August 15, 2014
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