Business is Crashing for some DIVORCE Lawyers

Oh the wonderful and miserable world of DIVORCE! Over four years ago I did a story about what I had heard and witnessed in a courtroom in Los Angeles. My timing could not have been better, what I heard would reverberate over 4 years…still funny! I mentioned the name of the lawyer, lets just say Ted, and the litigant, my right, public courtroom and a public arena…..FREE SPEECH! And ALL TRUE!

Recently in the last week or so I have been e-mailed on a regular basis by the ‘lawyer’ as to threatening to sue me…..I have told him to do it, shit or get off the pot, Ted. Truth will be a defense and I will promptly counter sue for his harassment and for being a real pain in my ass! (considering ill health, falling down stairs, old age, and maybe not looking so good might also be putting a crimp in the cash flow…NOT ME!)

Ted, you will be surprised at how much worse things can get. The freedom of the press and freedom of speech is still alive and well in the United States of America. We would make hay out of any lawsuit and would have stories every day explaining further what occurred and would publish the entire court documents based on the original story. I explained that I have been attacked too on the net. For me, it generated tons of work and more cash. Ted tells me my story has ruined his business. What? News Break! Most DIVORCE lawyers are seeing a change in the direction as to the big dollars they once generated. Many are old, sick, dying, and in some cases ‘handicapped’. Some of the biggest firms in this town are teetering on collapse, this is a fact. All the big names are old and dont have the fire in the pit that they once had, some have actually had to let people go…..this is the real issue that is happening, Ted. Things are changing for all of the once ‘rich and powerful players’, not just you sweetie.

Funny Lawyer ADOne firm decided that she would be the ‘Target / Walmart’ of DIVORCE, offer her services cheap and the sheep would make a ‘bee line’. That firm, still around. Not one of favs. Many firms have a little flash and no play, must be frustrating. Is it my fault if I write about times that I am present and sometimes it is good and sometimes just sad, still hilarious! It is my opinion and if a potential client visits the firm and agrees with me, tough! Note: Look at the ‘named’ in some firms who have left, others have closed up and joined other firms….you got to be tough to be a player in the world of DIVORCE.

There are several large firms (Meyer, Olson, Lowy & Meyers, Hersh, Mannis & Bogen) and a few ’boutique’ operations (Susan Wiesner, Fred Silberberg, Michael Collum) that are all doing very well, well run and focused. There are also many larger firms that are ‘tanking’, falling stars, the once powerful have fallen and some small operations that are suffering terribly are looking at other avenues of revenue. Some firms have such a terrible practice that it would appear they have no idea were the Stanley Mosk is located.

Has been influential in some practices success and not so much to others, maybe. And if true? Too Bad, people can read and then make there own decisions. Anyone wants to talk shit about me or go right ahead….as a P.I. I was reminded recently that more bad shit someone talks about a P.I. the more valuable they become, IT IS TRUE!

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By John Nazarian
Straight Talk with John J. Nazarian, Private Investigator
June 23, 2014
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