Michael Trope from Top Sports Agent to Top Attorney

I came across an article on one of the attorneys that Rose Speaks.com follows, this one that won the biggest divorce settlement ever in the Lisa and Kirk Kerkorian. Trope, however, had a very interesting life leading up to this win and being Michael Trope, he went from a child in Beverly Hills, to change the way professional football players negotiate contracts, back to law school, a top lawyer and an author of two books. WOW most people only do one of those things! The full article is reproduced here with permission of Rose Speaks.com




Michael Trope with Mother Gloria Trope
Michael Trope with Mother Gloria Trope

Born in 1951 to another top lawyer Sorrell Trope and Gloria Trope, Trope grew up in Beverly Hills, graduated from Palisades Charter High School in 1969 and graduated Magna Cum Laude from USC with a major in history in 1973. Trope later graduated from Loyola Law School in 1983 and was admitted to the California State Bar in 1987. 1951 After graduating from Loyola Law School in 1983 Trope retired as an NFL agent in 1985. Trope was admitted to the California State Bar in 1987, which is also the year Trope wrote the book Necessary Roughness a very blunt book about life as an NFL agent.

In 1971, 20-year-old USC junior, Trope, decided he wanted to be an agent after watching Johnny Rodgers complete a punt return for 72 yards and a touchdown against the University of Oklahoma, thus leading the Nebraska Cornhuskers to the NCAA national football championship. Rodgers won the Heisman Trophy and Trope, at age 21 signed Rodgers as his first client and became the youngest agent in history to represent NFL players.

Over the next 12 years, between 19731985, Trope represented more NFL first-round draft picks than any other agent, including six Heisman Trophy winners; numerous collegiate all Americans and over 200 total contracts.

Michael Trope’s client list included, in addition to 1972 Heisman Winner Johnny Rodgers, 1975 Heisman winner Archie Griffin Cincinnati Bengals’ first-round draft pick; the 1977 Heisman winner Tony Dorsett Dallas Cowboys first-round draft pick; 1978 Heisman winner and number one overall NFL draft pick Earl Campbell Houston Oilers; 1980 Heisman winner and first-round draft pick Charles White (American football) Cleveland Browns; 1983 Heisman winner and first overall draft pick in the United States Football League Mike Rozier Pittsburgh Maulers; Heisman Trophy runner up Chuck Muncie, first round draft pick to New Orleans Saints; Ricky Bell first overall NFL draft pick, Tampa Bay Buccaneers; Marvin Powell first-round draft pick New York Jets; Lawrence Taylor, first round draft pick New York Giants; W. Clay Matthews, Jr., first round draft pick Cleveland Browns; Wes Chandler, first round draft pick New Orleans Saints; Anthony Munoz, first round draft pick Cincinnati Bengals; Russell Erxleben, first round draft pick New Orleans Saints.; Lindsey Scott first-round draft pick Atlanta Falcons; James Lofton, first round draft pick Green Bay Packers; Chris Ward, first round draft pick New York Jets; Al Harris, first-round draft pick Chicago Bears; Charles Alexander first-round draft pick Cincinnati Bengals; Dave Wilson supplemental first round draft pick New Orleans Saints; Warren Bryant first-round draft pick Atlanta Falcons; Mike Quick first round draft pick Philadelphia Eagles; Johnnie Cooks first-round draft pick Baltimore Colts; Kellen Winslow first-round draft pick San Diego Chargers; Kevin Brooks first-round draft pick Dallas Cowboys; Johnny “Lam” Jones first round draft pick New York Jets; Mike Kenn first-round draft pick Atlanta Falcons; Ricky Sanford first-round draft pick New England Patriots; Dennis Smith first round draft pick Denver Broncos and many other notable players.

Lawrence Taylor signed a secret deal with Donald Trump and the USFLs New Jersey Generals, which he later regretted. He asked Trope to attempt to extricate himself from the deal. Trope met with Generals owner Donald Trump and the owners of the New York Giants and negotiated [a] a release for Taylor from the Generals contract, and [b] a new $6 million multi-year deal for Taylor with the Giants. The negotiated deal resulted in Taylors receiving a new $6 million-plus deal with the Giants, and with Trump receiving full repayment of the $1 million interest-free loan he made to Taylor, plus a handsome profit.

Micheal Trope did all of that by the age of 32. As an attorney, he has represented some of the who’s who of the rich and famous, landing the settlement for, Lisa Bonder Kerkorian in 2010, the largest ever won.

While doing all of this Trope wrote: “Once Upon a Time in Los Angeles: The Trials of Earl Rogers” in 2001.

I have the book Necessary Roughness about how Trope changed major football contracts forever and laid the groundwork for today’s mega-million dollar contracts. Again I say, WOW, more in his lifetime then a lot of people would have to do in one lifetime.

The next attorney we will be highlighting is another favorite of this site, L. Lin Wood, another amazing life.

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By Rose Turner
June 16, 2014
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