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Little Bits–Angry Divorce lawyers, wild wheels and footwear – Desperate Exes | Unleashed

Little Bits–Angry Divorce lawyers, wild wheels and footwear

These are the times of ‘angry’ DIVORCE lawyers. One ‘DIVORCE’ lawyer says to another You really are not a very nice person…….LMAO, this was said by one of the lawyers who was critical in the Anthony Pellicano case a number of years ago!!!! Can you imagine, ‘Lawyer’, you so almost missed the Federal Penitentiary and now ‘he/she’ states Your not a very nice person. Nor were you when you were wire tapping ‘one’ or ‘two’ of your friends and anyone else that you could for a financial gain…….’not being a very nice person’ is almost a part of being a DIVORCE lawyer, is it not? Or do you, as I say, do gods work?……have a real nice day and keep those one liners coming! And dont forget to send a card, a gift, something to Mr. Pellicano. You dont wanna piss off guys like him. Please remember, he has everything tucked away, for some? Like a ticking career time bomb!

What Southern California lawyer has the most incredible car for the last 4 years? No surprises, great lawyer, great practice and an incredible human being! Congrats on the new wheels, absolutely wild!

Another once very productive firm is having some issues……is it the economy of DIVORCE or the attempt to grab as much money in retainers as possible and throw caution to the wind?……like a ‘rat on a little tread mill pursuing the BIG cheese’.

shoes 2
Nice Shoes!



Any guesses who these $1,200.00 beauties belong to? Along with 60 plus others?

Sorry fella’s, these are on a female! Won’t stop some of you from playing dress up….cold nights at your mansion!


Nice boots


Whose $5,800.00 custom made Lucchese Alligator / Goat skin boots are these? One of 7 pairs of this caliber … drug store cowboy here. Likes to ride western…just not wearing boots like these!





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By John Nazarian
Straight Talk with John J. Nazarian, Private Investigator
May 16, 2014
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