John J. Nazarian “Iwasaki hits one for the Gipper!”

I wandered into the Honorable Judge Bruce Iwasakis courtroom the other day, Department 63. This is the very same courtroom that on December 6, 2013 I was tossed out for being a member of the media. Rather unceremoniously I might add, see my thoughts on the Honorable Judge Iwasaki. But! I have an open mind and I can forgive some who cross me……not too many, however, as it goes so against my personal thought processes. It may also be a cop thing. You see, if you screw someone over once you are likely going to do it again and again.

Well today I got to watch an associate from a firm that will remain nameless out of respect for the individual who did a very special favor for myself and my family, several years ago. I appreciated it then and I still do…..the associate was just terrible, she was able to make her lips move and tried to play the ‘pity’ card. Wrong judge to try that. Also, can we get a stylists for some of these up and coming litigators? The way they dress and those shoes, pick one male or female, just pitiful! Or how about this? Go look at some of the great dressers at the Mosk, Neal Hersh, Sorrell Trope, Dan Jaffee, Lisa Helfend Meyer, Susan Wiesner or Lynn Soodik. Take some notes on how these lawyers dress. Their handbags, briefcases the shoes…it is an art form. And while I am at it, when you wear a cheap black dress it tends to not be slimming. Next time maybe a black kaftan dress with a busy belt?

Cirque de Soleil
Cirque de Soleil
The issue was simple, real simple, mom had taken off from Florida with the child and basically dad had a right to see his kid. Judge Iwasaki was right on target. He listened to both sides. On one side was a very powerful founder of a large firm, up against a third string associate. The associate on the other side was not quite as bad as ‘flats’, however, another associate trying to stand in those big girl shoes and came out frankly looking like a clown. There are so many clowns at the Mosk sometimes it almost seems we are all enjoying a Cirque du Soleil engagement at the Stanley.

Judge Iwasaki was as attentive as one could expect. He listened and asked great questions to clarify who had jurisdiction, California or Florida. In the end it was decided that Florida had jurisdiction, however, Judge Iwasakis court had standing on issues as to the welfare of the child if need be. Note: I am not a lawyer and I may have some of this backwards as to the rulings and on the other hand I would have been no worse as the associate that was attempting to do a ‘Rip Taylor’.

Rip Taylor confettie
Rip Taylor confettie
This was a huge win for the father and hmmm….. not so much for opposing counsel, Madam Rip Taylor, it was just too much confetti for the Honorable Judge Bruce Iwasaki.

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By John Nazarian
Straight Talk with John J. Nazarian, Private Investigator
May 12, 2014
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