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One of the funniest comments I have heard this week is one DIVORCE lawyer communicates to another DIVORCE lawyer and says, ‘Your fees are excessive’. This is a little like the kettle calling the pot black, is it not! Maybe like one hooker claiming her antibiotic for ‘CLAP’ is better than what the other ‘girls’ are using for their ‘ooze’. There is a small group of DIVORCE lawyers working on the BS self promotion spectrum that they are ‘cheap and reasonable’. Who is chanting ‘lets pretend we are cheap’. LMAO, do they think litigants are stupid? Lets see, shoot me with the .357, I dont want to get shot with a .45. Like there is a real difference in the end….Folks, I could not make this stuff up, all true! What next, ‘look I am serving tea in a tent in the parking lot with sand floors and everyone is wearing sandals sipping tea and stuffing baklava’? This story is developing…..LMAO!

Another one of our readers confirmed for me something that I already knew. What female lawyer, who once had a fledgling ‘DIVORCE’ operation, ooops ‘practice’, gal was cheap to all around her and it would appear her cheapness was highly contagious to those who worked with her. Many found her behavior ‘insulting’. Our source made the comment when ‘she’ speaks it sounds like her teeth are loose and or that her tongue has early stages of atrophy? Our contact told me that while listening to her speak in court that he almost developed a twitch……

A short note from one litigant went like this, Why is he so dam nasty and on the attack constantly from the time he opens his mouth to the time he walks out of the courtroom?. LMAO, I happen to enjoy this particular lawyer and I also agree he is going to make you miserable at every turn. And you can forget about ever settling, have a great big bag of money and keep in mind you hired him!
Note: Still in my book one of the best lawyers around and a great guy outside the courtroom to just chat with.

abondon ship!
abondon ship!
One big law firm (Real Big Ship) is heading straight into the rocks (Like into the cliffs). It would appear that the ‘Captain’ has either lost control of the crew or the ‘rudder’ fell off and they are going full speed ahead into the ‘cliffs’. Every ‘old salt’ should realize, sometime the old ‘sea legs’ are not as they were once and bringing on someone you can trust is the right thing to do. Putting your trust into hands of a few ‘crew members’ can often accelerate the total annihilation and ruin everything, almost as bad as shifting cargo below decks in heavy seas. Everyone is watching and waiting, several crew are stocking their lifeboats for that inevitable sound of Abandon Ship.

She seems so soft spoken. Really, let me just say this, when a great white attacks, they are silent and when you realize what has just happened to you, you are dead. Do not be put off by her tone. Hands down, she’s one of the best in the DIVORCE business, and always a class act. But beware, she won’t let you work up a huge bill with the promise of her getting paid someday. NO WAY! More and more DIVORCE lawyers are getting stuck with huge collections and the principal of this firm is not going to allow it to happen. And we at DESPERATEEXES.com say Good for her!

Let's deal
Let’s deal
Anthony Pellicano is anxiously waiting to see if he is going to be getting out of Federal Prison soon…..if not, he has 5 years left. One big shot head of a studio got Anthony a great lawyer to try and get him out by pushing some papers through the system, in hopes of getting an early release. We will see……frankly, enough, Pellicano has been punished. Judge Dale S. Fischer should try and find it in her heart to cut Anthony a break…..problem, Judge Fischer needs to find her heart! LOL. For myself and others we want to see all the ‘Chickens come home to roost’. All those lawyers he covered for are going to have to pay up or else….mark my words. Several lawyers that we all know are likely hoping that he had died in prison. He is not going to die in prison, he has business to take care of when he gets out. It will be pay back time for several big shot lawyers for what Anthony Pellicano went through and if they dont do the right thing? Oh My God, I predict that it won’t be nice, it is an Italian thing.

Please, to our readers, we will not print any stories of any lawyer, male or female, who makes the mistake of having a sexual encounter with a client. Not unless we have proof that is verifiable and or photos that can be verified. I / we will not even address the issue on DESPERATEEXES.com. Not that I dont believe it happens, I have first hand knowledge and lots of rumors, but again, we want to spread love and happiness on DESPERATEEXES.com

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By John Nazarian
Straight Talk with John J. Nazarian, Private Investigator
May 11, 2014
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