Colin Kaepernick of 49ers – Rumors Persist Scandal or No Scandal

Once again we are seeing ‘sports figures’ (Colin Kaepernick, Quinton Patton, Ricardo Lockette) being targeted by Skankitus. Let me explain. This Skankitus is the illness of some sports figures (high dollar earners) sometimes good looking other times, oh well, rich is ok too. Exposure begins with wealthy athlete wanting to have sex with young women, young and pretty with the belief these Skanks really like them and their ‘charm’. The Skank too is setting a trap, not unlike a spider and a fly……this is where it gets dicey. These girls/women, aka Skanks, set their sights on these young men and want to be in their world at ANY costs. And they plan and they talk and they plan and they work on the web, as in spider.

Oh, before I forget, there is no ‘innocence’, these gold diggers know where to be, they know how to get the attention of their targets, the clubs and restaurants they frequent. This is real gold digging and no one is going into a shaft with a pick and shovel. On the other hand, there will be some serious shafting being done and it will be done by members of the law enforcement community, ‘that dam report’…that is where the complaint will be lodged / reported. It will be at this point that these athletes seem to lose control of their future, it could very well be the biggest throw of the dice in their lives. Well prince charming, are you ready to roll?

49ers Colin Kaepernick Rumors persist should be INNOCENT!
49ers Colin Kaepernick Rumors persist should be INNOCENT!
The sex and the experience leading up to it will be one of the most frightening and scary rides of some of these potential wealthy victims lives. You might even be fighting for your freedom as in some states this is big stuff. Never mind your well being as to your future ability to make those million of dollars in deals and endorsements…..all because you thought this little piece of ass liked you. Sucker! This is not pretty and it is the real world of what you will deal with at every turn, does he or she really love me or for what I am able to give them willingly or by court order? We know this has happened numerous times and as long as these super stars use bad judgement and believe their own BS, it is not going to go away any time soon. This year alone we have handled several basketball players alone. Oh and one soccer player and we have a few pending. This is a huge problem and keeps a team of ours on the road 24 hours a day for weeks.

Now do not get me wrong here folks, all I am saying is that as an old cop that I know exactly what is happening! I can close my eyes and hear the words and I can even see the faces of these tramps, it never changes. Most of these alleged victims are crying sexual assault, sexual battery, sexual something and in some cases rape. July 1991 Iron Mike Tyson was arrested for the raping of Desiree Washington. Mike Tyson raped NO ONE! Mike Tyson was an easy target and got taken down to the tune of 6 years.

49ers Colin Kaepernick should he go broke over Skanks allegations NO!
49ers Colin Kaepernick should he go broke over Skanks allegations NO!
Let me repeat this again, I as a private investigator working on both sides of this ‘adventure’, we know exactly what really takes place. We have had to look at circumstances and figure out the truth on the behalf of many sports figures and sometimes their family members. ‘Truth’ is always very costly and it is almost always a set up for MONEY! In the end, the ‘truth’ is irrelevant, everyone knows what really happened and money will be paid to make it all better. And all of these Skanks who set out on this avenue will get paid, and get paid well. And in many cases, and I can cite many, you, the young male athlete, are going to be these girls/women/skanks annuities. Look up that word! My first question out of the box after listening to the whimpers is always How Much? This could be in the form of civil suits and or child support. And do not make the mistake of setting one of these up and coming bimbos in any kind of a lifestyle. That too can be horribly costly and for a long time. Leave’m where you find them and hope they do not take the ‘show’ to the hospital pretending to be confused or ingesting one of their own concoctions……sometimes a ‘romp in the hot tub’ is a wonderful thing…..chlorine, arrrgh!

Question, is it always the ‘wealthy males’? No, sometimes wealthy female sports figures too can get played. For the most part it is the male in this game of Skankitus young and dumb male sports figures. (As in DIVORCE cases, and I have to be clear here,this is not the same circumstance and I do believe women get the short end of the stick in traditional DIVORCE proceedings in the U.S.) More money and fame than many can ever hope for is on the line and it can all come crashing down within hours during an evening of fun and games. What got my attention this time is Colin Kaepernick, 26 years old and is in the early stages of a whole different game! 49ers, this guy is a keeper, do not allow any of this ‘set up’ to redirect your attention, Colin is the victim here.

Colin Kaepernick will skanks ruin his career
Colin Kaepernick will skanks ruin his career
There is not a question in my mind MOST of these women do this with the sole intent to take their victim for a ride as in ‘investment’. Whether it is going to the police with false charges or going to a high profile DIVORCE lawyer to keep the heat on. Keep in mind also that if there is a child, the ‘little one’ is going to have to have a lifestyle, just like daddy and mommy is going to share that lifestyle too. And again, I have been sitting very very close on a few of these and can remember the rejoicing of I am pregnant…… and if the love is not real? Then the next group of words will be, get me to a lawyer!

The woman states that the group talked for a while and she mixed some drinks for all of them and gave them shots. The woman states they told her in order to drink the shots she had to ‘hit’ the bong which contained marijuana. The woman states she started to feel lightheaded and went to a bedroom to lay down. She says she took off her jacket and jewelry at which point Mr. Kaepernick came behind her into the bedroom and started kissing her. She advised that Mr. Kaepernick started to undress [sic] her and that she got completely naked. At that point she claims Kaepernick left the bedroom and that they did not have sex. At that point in time, the woman claims Patton and Lockette peeked into the room and she yelled What are you doing? Wheres Colin? Get out!The woman says they closed the door and left but she cannot remember anything after that. She says she woke up in a hospital bed but doesnt know how she got there.

WTF? Now I am not in a position to know if this is an exact quote. If it is not, does this seem like anything other than a little session for a romp in the hay? Where, I ask you, is there a crime? Oh for sure, the crime is what is happening in the next several hours or days, ‘waking up in the hospital’, ’emotionally devastated’, all of this goes away with M.O.N.E.Y. as was the original plan. I swear, on what is ever the holy, this is the truth of the plan to make some easy cash.

not a gold diggerI have listened and tracked down dozens of athletes over the years who got girls pregnant and never really understood how ‘it all happened’. It was nothing more than casual sex for one of the participating duo. That was not the goal for the other member of the duo, nothing but a complete and outright setup. Now some say that the package should have been wrapped….LMAO. One never knows what happens to those dam ‘Gravy Catchers’ and I have talked to many males who said, I am not sure what happened to the condom aka ‘Gravy Catchers’. Note: Flush, tie a knot and wrap in tissue and take it with you and if a fire place is burning, toss it in the fire! But do not lose contact with it!

Story: Once upon a time a little pretty girl (18 of course) was sitting on a curb and rocking back and fourth crying. An older gentleman approached and asked why are you crying pretty little girl? Well the pretty little girl explains, I am broke and hungry and I have nothing. Well well well now that is not exactly true, the older gentleman explained. You are sitting on potentially millions of dollars.

Laugh as you may at this little story, and some of you will get it immediately, and some, Oh well, I love slow studies. In the world of high dollar sports figures and some entertainers, they are all sitting ducks with big fat bank accounts that will be under attack. These very same high dollar sports figures have the keys to open the vaults of these ‘poor sad pretty little girls’, and when they use that key, the real games begin. Colin Kaepernick, as far as I am concerned, is a victim and I further predict that he will get through this, but it will be costly. Colin, when dealing with Skanks it is always about the money… best to you.

In my opinion went for number of readers and not the TRUTH, shame on them!

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By John Nazarian
Straight Talk with John J. Nazarian, Private Investigator
April 13, 2014
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