John Nazarian and Dr. Glenn Lipson discusses MURDER

John J Nazarian guest tonight is Dr Glenn Lipson, forensic psychologist, and the topic is MURDER, both of these men think outside of the box, from John Nazarian going almost around the globe to bring the teen text murderers to justice. Dr. Lipson is called in when no one else can figure it out, including murder cases and especially those with death penalties

The show started out talking about MURDER but then bounced to a number of subjects. Rose Turner joined John Nazarian and Dr. Glenn Lipson is this lively discussion from death penalties to hate crimes to bullying. We discussed the killing near Kansas City Mo. today, as well as Fort Hood shootings and the boy who brought two knives to school. The question is why are these actions appearing to increase and does social media contribute to them at all. What about video games, mental illness and bullying? All are discussed.

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By John Nazarian
Straight Talk with John J. Nazarian, Private Investigator
April 14, 2014
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