Sandra Lyon — Is this Santa Monica High School Lyon an Ass?

A Santa Monica High School teacher and a student went ‘fist to cuffs’ and I am hoping that Superintendent Sandra Lyon is on the right track and defending the teacher! No way would any teacher go through what Mark Black did if he had other choices. My advice for Ms. Lyon is forget the parents and politics and do the right thing by Mr. Black. NEWS BULLETIN, Sandra Lyon is upset with Mr. Mark Black… one should be shocked, ‘throw the teacher under the bus no matter what’. Based on this, Lyon should be shown the door! Political Bullshit at it’s best!

What, Ms. Lyon, is deeply disturbing? A teacher defending himself? A student not having the respect to cooperate with a teacher? What I find disturbing, and I am sure millions of Americans will too, is that you seem to be throwing the teacher under a bus. What about the dope? What about witnesses seeing the student punch the teacher? What about witnesses seeing the student using a pencil to stick Mr. Black?…….No No No, Ms. Lyon you go right ahead and suck up to the parents of this future thug! Oh, and you be sure to watch your career! You know, I wonder what your response would have been to being punched in the puss?

DonkeyButtBased on what I have viewed, the kind of physical restraint used by the teacher is unacceptable. I have placed the teacher on leave pending the outcome of an independent investigation. Again, I am asking what about the little jerk with a bag of dope in the classroom? What about the witness statements who saw Mr. Black being stabbed with a pencil? Ms. Lyon, you need to stop kissing the ass of the parents of this juvenile punk and defend one of your own teachers!

If this bullshit is allowed to fly, I would hope that all the teachers and students at Santa Monica High would strike! I dont give a dam what policy is, this teacher did the right thing. You did not like the way the student was restrained? Really? You know what, Ms. Lyon, nor do I, I would have been more pleased seeing this punk knocked out cold on the floor! Mr. Black is a wrestling coach and lets all thank god that he had that ability to take on a kid that could have likely hurt HIM!

Your_an_assShame on you Superintendent Sandra Lyon for taking the low road and rejecting doing the right thing and siding with the ‘punk’, you should be replaced by a superintendent that supports the teachers and not future thugs! Sandra Lyon, you are on the wrong track here! Admit it early that you made a mistake and learn from it!

Note: My office would be glad to donate our time in any defense that Mark Black may need

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By John Nazarian
Straight Talk with John J. Nazarian, Private Investigator
April 7, 2014
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