John Nazarian for Commissioner Emma Castro for judge, Office 107

Once again and Nazarian and Associates is throwing our support for Commissioner Emma Castro. Commissioner Castro is in the run to be elected to the bench as a judge, office 107 and a better selection in our opinion could not be found. To support our position all one has to do is to read Commissioner Castro’s background and education. The education is certainly commendable, for me I like the place she came from. We need bench officers who can understand the hardships of ‘making it’ and realizing that working hard and doing well in ones education has positive benefits. Commissioner Castro and her parents have those credentials and should be very proud of themselves and especially their daughter!

The following background of Commissioner Castro supports my thoughts on why Emma would be a continuing asset to the Superior Court!

Emma is a Los Angeles Superior Court Commissioner at the Eastlake Juvenile Delinquency Court. She was appointed as a Court Commissioner in June 2011. She is the daughter of Mexican immigrant parents who taught her the values of working hard, giving back to the Community, and treating people with respect and dignity. She was born in a small agricultural town in northern Santa Barbara County and has lived in Northeast Los Angeles for the last 35 years. She has a son, Zenaido, and a young granddaughter, Andrea that she dotes on; she is also raising her teenage great niece, Cignet, who resides with her and is a high school sophomore. She is a firm believer in maintaining family connections and embraces the concept that it takes a village to raise a child.

Emma graduated from California public universities. She received her Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of California, Santa Barbara and her law school degree from UCLA. It was her extensive community involvement while a student at UCSB that inspired her to pursue a career as an attorney.

Emma has over 30 years of experience in our Juvenile Courts. She believes our Juvenile Courts are the gatekeepers to prevent our youth from entering the adult criminal court pipeline. Over 70% of adult criminal offenders have had contact with a Juvenile Court. As a current Judicial Officer in the Delinquency Court it is her goal to reach out to the many stake holders in our County community to address the complex issues of our Juvenile Justice system. She believes community public safety is more ensured when our youth are educated and career-goal oriented as contributing members of our communities.

When Emma is not on the Bench in Juvenile Court, she enjoys a wide array of interests. She is an avid participant of the Farm to Table food movement, shopping Farmer’s Markets on a weekly basis for fresh produce to cook. She is a novice piano player and enjoys attending the many free music/dance/theatre events offered throughout the County of Los Angeles. 
She dedicates a significant portion of her free time to community service. She volunteers with the Los Angeles Superior Court, Teen Court Program in East Los Angeles. She also mentors youth who are the first in their family to attend college at John Marshall High School through College Path LA. She is also on the Advisory Board of the Arts and Educational enrichment program ,CORAZON DEL PUEBLO, located in the Northeast community of Boyle Heights.

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