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Everyone who knows me knows that I like to visit high end eateries for interesting grub! Susan Wiesner and I love to visit Madeo, this is one place for the seen and or be seen places in Los Angeles to have a great dinner. Or you might find me at the Polo Lounge and the home of the $25.00 banana split, the food is always good but certainly not for the small wallet set.

Los Angeles Attorney Michael Trope
Los Angeles Attorney Michael Trope
This is one of Michael Tropes and my favorite places to have dinner, right smack dab in the middle of Mr. Kirk Kerkorian personal table!

As fortune and luck would have it, a few of us went to Hatfields, 6703 Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles, California. Reservations are a must. The place is what I like to say is easy, easy in and easy out. The dining room is well lit and nice, you can have a nice conversation and enjoy listening to what your guest and you are talking about without having to yell! Even though we were on time for our reservation, we were encouraged to go to the bar. (Note: this is one of the oldest tricks in the restaurant world, start buying drinks and hope it goes on through the meal) I was not drinking and nor was any of our guest, this was a ‘working assignment’ if you will. Once seated we again were given a list of drinks and wines to enjoy with our dinner. We had good Ol’ ice water. That too is an annoyance, all the good places want to sell you bottled water. We are not cheap, but I do not feel like paying for bottled water, ‘flat or otherwise’, at restaurant prices. $2.00 Chuck would work and still be cheaper than this ‘bottled water’ game.

Note: I recall vividly when I would have Sunday dinners with Miss. Peggy Lee at her mansion in Bel Air. Good old fashion ice water was served with dinner. This was so as to not take away from the incredible tasty meals cooked by Lillie Mae and at times Virginia. Those were the days. It was a once in a life time experience and I got to do it over and over again. Side note: sometimes we would take the limo and go to Johnny Rockets for burgers and milk shakes to go!

foodWell this evenings dinner at Hatfields was very good, and better than I had expected. For sure not a Peggy Lee bash, but it was very very good. I had the Octopus cooked in red wine as an appetizer. It was grilled with perfection. My main course was the Date & Mint crusted lamb, with root vegetables, chickpeas and potato chive puree……it was cooked perfect and the flavors all together could not have been better. If you ever get over to Hatfields be sure and order the Roasted Carrot & Sweet Potato Soup,with crispy pork belly and sweetbread / maitake mushrooms….this dish alone with a little of that fresh bread could be a meal in itself! The service by Timothy was handled with perfection, each item came as it should and served with a smile and attention to detail. Oh, and before I forget, the kitchen sent out a little tasting of crabmeat and a few tasty tidbits for a little taste before the epicurean delight was to begin.

Hatfields has a wonderful menu and there is no doubt in this critic’s mind that there are no bad meals in this place. It is a done right place and it shows, you can see right into the kitchen! And there is no one more difficult than I when it comes to good eats. I have been lucky to have eaten in many different countries around the world and continue to do so…..Hatfields is a real find right here in Los Angeles. I also loved the booth that we were seated in, none of us asked for one, however that was a great touch to an even greater evening of some incredible food!

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By John Nazarian
Straight Talk with John J. Nazarian, Private Investigator
March 31, 2014
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