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I, John J. Nazarian, am famous for lots of things, cooking, collecting and driving very cool cars, great houses, first class travel, custom made alligator boots and pretty well known private investigator with an incredible track record of hitting home runs and……. I will stop, continuing in this vein could kill this story. Another obvious talent is making predictions based on peoples talent and ability. I stumbled into department 84 the other day, the former home of one of our favorite commissioners, James D. Endman. Commissioner Endman has retired.


Supreme Court Justice Patricia DiMango will step down to star in a new CBS court show. Photo: Gregory P. Mango
Supreme Court Justice Patricia DiMango will step down to star in a new CBS court show. Photo: Gregory P. Mango

What now takes Commissioner Endmans place has the lights in this end of the building burning bright. As a matter of fact, it did seem brighter in Dept.84……..did the building maintenance change the lighting? Or is the fresh and youthful appearing The Honorable Armen Tamzarian making the light shine in. Judge Tamzarian was appointed to the bench by one of the best governors (my opinion) of the Great State of California ever has had. The appointment was made December 5, 2013 and Tamzarian sits now in 84. This judge is one of the more interesting ones that I have had the opportunity to sit and listen to……clue, if I walk in and I walk out fairly quickly? That is a clue. Either the ‘menu’ is boring or I am not feeling the entertainment factor. The courts in this country are not supposed to be places for entertainment for anyone, except me. The rub is this, many of the bench officers who sit in our nations courts have got to have a little sense of humor, (you may have to look very very close) look at what they have to deal with. Even when some have little or no expression (Judge Willet) I find that too humorous, as I know inside they are asking themselves, Why, why must I sit here and put up with these morons?.

I walked in just in time as a DIVORCE lawyer having sugar plums dancing in his head of a $50,000.00 award for fees! You are not going to get $50,000.00 in fees. The Honorable Judge Armen Tamzarian had me! Judge Tamzarian went on to make clear that appropriate fees would be awarded over time. $50,000.00 was not going to happen in his court any time soon. Judge Tamzarian was clear and concise, so clear and so concise it was refreshing. This is one judge that appears to have caught his stride with little or no warm up time! His delivery could very well be in the same category as ‘Lewis’ – ‘Gordon’ – ‘Black’ ‘Goldstein’. Nothing better than a clear and concise delivery of a bench officers thoughts. You want Disneyland folks, you need to drive 38 miles further down the road. Dept. 84 is the new home to Judge Armen Tamzarian and it is going to be real, very real.

Judge Tamzarian gave some incredible advice to two sets of litigants in front of him this afternoon. You know, the kind who want blood at any cost, and it was made clear as to what those cost could be. Judge Tamzarian made it clear, ‘someone on both sides is making bad decisions’ and this is a ‘question of choices’, and the best was this, ‘you should divide the money among yourselves and kids’. The judge went on to say that otherwise you will pay both lawyers and in the end you will have little for yourselves. It does not get anymore real than this. Again, I need to remind all of you, lawyers are running a business, they went to school to get their degrees and to support themselves and families, this is the American way! Like my good friend and millionaire auto mogul Howard Tenenbaum (Keyes Auto) often tells me, I have a right to make a profit. Howard learned that in world of selling cars! Private investigators, Lawyers, Accountants, and Howard Tenenbaum all have a right to make profits!

Piece-of-the-pieJudge Tamzarian was adamant in his thoughts of ‘The Pie’, that being everyone is going to get a slice. Judge Tamzarian mentioned this several times to the point I was ready to go find one and have a couple of pieces myself. The other very obvious element was ‘time’. Judge Tamzarian was going to get through his calendar and no moaning and groaning litigants were going to stop him. He gave of his time and listened and was far more patient than I would have been. This is something I see a great deal of in many courts, bench officers allowing ‘pro per’s’ the time to try and express themselves and to ask questions. You get that opportunity and you will also get clear and concise decisions from Judge Tamzarian.

Another term that is alive and well in 84 is people getting their day in court and let there be no question in anyones mind, as a litigant you will get your day in court. The Honorable Judge Armen Tamzarian is going to assure you get that and more. A lawyer looking for a big ‘pay day’, that very well could be another story for another time. It appears to me that this is not Judge Armen Tamzarains first rodeo, and if you are perhaps fond of ‘dog and pony’ shows, you might also want to think twice about that too!

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By John Nazarian
Straight Talk with John J. Nazarian, Private Investigator
March 19, 2014
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