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Is this the season for contempt charges brought against ‘Dads’ by ‘Moms’? How lucky, or unlucky, for some that I was present for the hands down slaughter of prosecuting lawyers in Los Angeles DIVORCE courts??? First I get to see ‘Flats’ Englebert of Trope and Trope get her lunch handed to her on a toilet seat by the defense counsel, BAM! Counsel’s ‘Dad’, 21 counts of contempt….last check, ONE COUNT remaining….LMAO, I am wondering if Tropes client is going to get a discount?

Then the other day I am sitting in the Honorable Judge Thomas Trent Lewiss courtroom and I get to see what in my opinion is one of the worst performances of the practice of DIVORCE law I have seen to date (21 years). And when I say I have seen hundreds and hundreds of DIVORCE cases and criminal cases that is a fact! Again, ‘Dad’ was being brought before the court on contempt charges and the ‘prosecutor’, if you will. ‘Mom’s’ lawyer, Rosemary Coleman, lawyer, out of Pasadena, California, was acting as prosecutor…..’bad acting’.

Objection Sustained And just like the big firm I watched crash and burn just a few weeks ago, it would appear Ms. Coleman too forgot to issue subpoenas for records from the banks and or financial institutions, and again no expert to testify as to the facts of the case that would cement the ‘contempt’ charges. Madam counsel was reminded by the court that she could not ask herself questions in her attempt to get evidence into evidence. Ms. Coleman would ask a question and Mr. Michael R. Powell, ‘Dad’s’ lawyer, and a member of the Los Angeles County Public Defenders Office would object pointedly over and over again. Sustained. The sustains came so fast it was almost like a button being pushed, if you will.

‘Dad’ was represented by the office of the public defender and Michael R. Powell, who was spot on and never missed an ‘objection’. Ms. Coleman, on the other hand, would again and again try standing on the other foot and ask the same question again. Sustained. Ms. Coleman would then lean back and put her weight on the opposite foot and try again to get the evidence in and again, Sustained. This went on so many times it had to be embarrassing to Ms. Coleman. My thought here, maybe another area of law would be worth exploring, or this was just one of those ‘senior’ moments that we all have at times.

After watching Rosemary Coleman, Esquires performance, I was even more humored that at one point earlier in the proceedings Coleman made a comment to the court that her ‘retainer needed replenishing’. Ms. Coleman, may I suggest that maybe your ability to present a case in a court of law also needs replenishing. Note: lawyers are required to take on going lessons through the year to keep the BAR happy. Perhaps a nice 2 year refresher course maybe in order here? As it would appear those other classes are not involving the presentation of evidence in a court of law!

hamster wheelUnder the watchful eyes of Judge Thomas Trent Lewis and the incredible ‘pounding of objections’ from Michael R. Powell, Esq. of the L.A. Public Defenders Office, ‘Dad’s’ contempt charge was spinning in the toilet of bad lawyering, ‘Mom’s’. The Honorable Thomas Trent Lewis made several comments, but the most important one was, Dismissed. The look, the look alone on the face of Ms. Coleman was that of total confusion, similar to a hamster on a tread mill, faster and faster or slower and slower, it made no difference, she was going no place, and fast, and there Ms. Coleman stood….frankly it was pathetic.

Note: there is no question in my mind that ‘Dad’ more likely took the money out of the accounts as described…..who wouldnt? (this is war here, folks, and as I always say, possession is 99% of the law) However, thanks to ‘Mom’s’ lawyer, Rosemary Coleman, ‘Dad’ won’t be getting charged with anything and will likely enjoy his spoils of war! LMAO

This was another incredible example of incompetence in bringing a ‘contempt’ charge against ‘Dad’. DIVORCE lawyers need to realize that when you bring a charge of contempt against either party, they act as the prosecutor. After watching what happened in Judge Hofers court, 88, and then this week in Judge Lewiss court, 79, it is very obvious that the law of contempt is not easy to prove and ignorance of the law on the charging party when ‘vengeance’ is the primary tip of the spear, is not working in these courtrooms.

i am king hear me roar Note: Another interesting fact here is in one case the lawyers were from one of the biggest DIVORCE firms in the country. Then comes this stepin and fetchin operation out of Pasadena and the mistakes were almost identical, tell me this is not fascinating? Also you have to wonder how is it that I am always around to catch these shenanigans in the world of DIVORCE? After over 21 years of dealing with all things DIVORCE, I am The King.

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By John Nazarian
Straight Talk with John J. Nazarian, Private Investigator
March 18, 2014
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