John Nazarian to Orange County….Get ready, here comes M.O.L.M

What happens in the world of DIVORCE lawyers when one large Century City firm feels it is time to stretch? Meyer, Olson, Lowy & Meyers, LLP have decided to do just that, stretch. This Century City ‘Divorce’ firm has opened an office in Orange County. Welcome to the world of Lisa Helfend Meyer, Esq.

This is a classic Lisa Helfend Meyer move. Lisa is the founder of M.O.L.M. and has been thinking of Orange County for awhile. Lisa and her crew are not known for sitting and watching. This firm is on the move. We will have more on this as the story develops. As I write this, I understand that Lisa is in Hong Kong. Nice views to be found in those high rises….Hong Kong? Office space or a new Rolex?

Lisa MeyerJumping in the ‘Orange County’ DIVORCE pool is not for the faint of heart, this is really a club. A little too folksy at times and it can be uncomfortable and intimidating for any lawyer from outside. Enter Meyer, Olson, Lowy & Meyers. No shrinking violets here. We are predicting this is going to be a perfect fit for M.O.L.M.

When many DIVORCE lawyers troll the halls of the Stanley Mosk trying to get paid, and others swear by and live off liens on property of one litigant or the other and anything else they can glom onto to get their fees paid, and a couple of firms are mere shadows of their once all powerful presence and are on the verge of collapse, enter M.O.L.M.

1The Los Angeles County DIVORCE scene is full of lawyers trying to make a buck. The reality is that there is only a handful who are successful at it. These are great lawyers, who have built a strong practice and admiration from those that can only dream of such a practice. Smart people who brought fresh talent in to keep the foundation strong. Lisa Helfend Meyer and her partners are focused on expansion and brand development, they too are always looking for good talent. This is what separates the ‘posers’ from those really ‘walking the walk’…….cant be cheap and be successful. Pay peanuts get monkeys, this is the common denominator that is very common amongst the firms who are making it! Full speed ahead!

Going first class has been game one for Lisa Helfend Meyer from day one. Everything from the partners she chose, the sense of style of the offices. And it is most often Lisas standards, she is the founder. When a potential client hires this firm they are going to get a ‘team’, the best of the best to work on their issues. Another fun fact, no question that M.O.L.M. spends more money on food and refreshments then many firms pay in rent. When you show up for a meeting, depo, whatever the reason, you are almost guaranteed appropriate breakfast faire and similar meals and snacks throughout the day! No need to be hungry or thirsty as you are planning the end of your marriage.

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By John Nazarian
Straight Talk with John J. Nazarian, Private Investigator
March 16, 2014
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