John Nazarian Explains his View of “Hail Mary Full of Rale …… & Glucksman”

John J Nazarian said recently that the last time he saw this many “Hail Marys, he was at the Vatican in Rome a few years back, people were wailing, and it was happening again in a Los Angeles Superior Court…..Well, what John Nazarian began to see on Friday, February 28, 2014, Ron Rale, Esq. Rubbing Ben Gay on his shoulders and he was not getting ready to grapple, no he was working his throwing arm. Ron was brought in to try and repair the damage, however not intentional (inexperience) brought fourth by the Gal in the Flats, one of those associates who thinks she is ready for the big time…not yet grass hopper! Ron Rale is the Fixer from Trope and Trope, there once was two, now only one lives on, Stephen Knowles, Esq. (deceased) was one of the best lawyers and fixers to ever live. Stephen had a presence and a voice tone that made you listen, Rale? He has an incredible arm, he can throw far and fast. Thus Nazarian’s thoughts on what he sat and witnessed the other day. The Hail Mary’ route is a very long forward pass in American football and obviously in American Divorce made in desperation with only a small chance of success, especially at or near the end of a half or the beginning of the end

Opposing counsel had the former associate, Flats, from Trope and Trope talking to herself at one point and it was getting worse. Adding insult to injury she was grabbing at straws and shoes! Talk about being out gunned! BAM!

Enter Ron Rale, Esq. Ron is to some degree a celebrity lawyer in his own right, just look him up. He was just on TMZ a few weeks ago, and was someone that Anna Nicole Smith truly trusted. Also one of the nicest guys you will ever meet, a real Mensch . Rale is used to getting thrown into cases that are floundering and is tasked with trying to save the day and to try and salvage what seems impossible situations. Now to get an even better foot hold, what else do they do? Enter Mr. Criminal Defense person! Jacob Yale Glucksman, Esquire, Mr. Glucksman has been practicing law since 2006, had an impressive track record with the Los Angeles District Attorneys office. And would appear to strike out on his own he too, it would appear is fond of Hail Marys For two highly talented Jewish Lawyers I have to say, the Vatican would be proud, of you both! Ron and Jacob!



Mr. Glucksman came into the picture literally out of nowhere, and someone should begin to thank god that he did. He was the only one who seemed to get Judge Ralph C. Hofers attention, after he pulled his finger out of his honors eye of course.





Glucksman and Rale worked well together and today seemed to be finally coming to the bitter end of a nasty Dad & Mom issue… The Associate, and as hard as she tried to get heard, the boys kept her quiet, that too seemed like an act of god! I was actually waiting for Rale to stuff his sock into the associates mouth to keep her shut up, Ron was able to keep his shoes and his socks on.


For the opposing counsel it was all good, as far as I am concerned a better job you could not have found. Especially in defending what does seem like a BS contempt to a restraining order, we will see very soon. Many of the charges were dropped against Dad, however there is enough in the eves to cause some real problems. Dad is not going to jail, of course not, this is DIVORCE court and quiet frankly I feel that much or all of this is total BS as I stated previously. As many will say, you both married each other and for the sake of the child, give it a break! There will be a verdict and one real soon from Judge Hofer, I am thinking it will be fair and well intentioned, and if it is not, the opposing counsel I am thinking has a plan B….. Thank you all for a very entertaining time in 88!

Note: I, John Nazarian PI, had a chance to speak with Mr. Glucksman this afternoon, he thought I was defense counsels investigator, nooooooo I explained I was present for the entertainment of this case only, nothing more nothing less. Frankly I would have left after the first day, but I was dragged in after hearing my name? However, if Mr. Glucksman has a desire to throw a fat check my way, $6,500.00 a day would be right in the ball park! Also, Jacob, thanks for the new vocabulary words. And in closing, ANY friend of Adam Lipsic is a friend of mine and the crew at and Nazarian and Associates.

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By John Nazarian
Straight Talk with John J. Nazarian, Private Investigator
March 6, 2014
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