John Nazarian: Hot Dog Robbery aka The Condiment Con!

The other day after conducting interviews at the Mens County Jail I was a little hungry. I always get hungry listening to a new client tell me that he did not kill anyone. I of course believe him, welcome to my world. And I was also longing for a hot dog, Soooo, like thousands of Americans in these great United States I decided to stop off at a Der Wienerschnitzel (the hot dog place that at one time was a great place to eat a dog….not so much anymore. The hotdogs here often taste too salty, BUT for an added fee they will SELL you a better dog). What have we as a people allowed corporate america to do to our country?

The location I chose this day was WIENERSCHNITZEL 5135 Laurel Canyon Blvd. North Hollywood, California. I decided to order a ‘combo’ and the final price was $7.78, the listed price was $5.99. The ‘smooth’ operator with the accent on the ordering device asked if I wanted cheese I said yes. Should they not tell you that cheese is extra? Some places do advise you when ordering, this place you will see is about trickery and deceit, read on. When I drove through the drive through I am assuming most of the victims who have been coming through here never asked the ultimate question? How did we go from $5.99 to $7.78? Well I did! Wait till you hear what this little ‘hustle of the hot dog’ was going to try and do to me!

This place appears to be a ‘family’ run operation as is many of the franchises here in Los Angeles are. 7-11, good luck ever finding a blond hair, blue eyed high school student working a job after school. Indians and lot of them, and most of these franchise owners like being able to speak their native language (Urdu – Punjabi) at these 7-11 franchises and to some degree Der Wienerschnitzel is the same.

wienerschnitzel guy.Well I ask the girl trying to rip me off why did the price climb so quickly? She tells me the cheese is extra and I am going to be charged 16 CENTS FOR RELISH, that is 16 CENTS EACH! I looked at her and waited for a smile or a laugh, all I got was that dead pan look staring back at me with those dark and unmoving eyes. I asked her, are the hot dogs good?, in her little accent she said yes sir’, I told her, good you eat them and drove away.

I then contacted the DER WIENERSCHNITZEL head office and then called. The nice young lady on the phone seemed taken aback by what I was telling them about a charge for ‘relish’. What next I asked, 37 cents for a bun?

The other day I got a call from a sheepish Muhammad, apologizing that this was all a misunderstanding. It was the the computer program made the mistake. Muhammad went on to tell me that condiments such as mustard and onions are not on the system. I snapped back and told him since the inception of hotdogs, mustard and relish is as common on hotdogs in these great United States as ‘Grated cheese on spaghetti and meatballs’.

scared dogThen I asked him, why would a program exist to charge the buying public for relish on ANY HOT DOG? He began to stutter and became flustered, he was lying to me and I caught these nickel and dime thieves red handed. I asked Muhammad how many of his customers had he ripped off for relish and he said he had no idea. Do the math, if they sell 200 hotdogs and screw over the buying public, $32.00 a day, this is GRAND THEFT money for these new Americans! I am waiting for an answer from the Der Wienerschnitzel corporation as to what they think about one of their franchise owners ripping off the American Public.

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Straight Talk with John J. Nazarian, Private Investigator
February 17, 2014
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