John Nazarian: 2 CHP officers killed in early morning accident

We at DESPERATEEXES.COM are devastated to hear this morning that two California Highway Patrol officers were killed when their patrol car struck a pylon just off a freeway exit on the treacherous highway 99. Hwy 99 runs through Fresno County and is a terrible roadway to drive on even when the weather is nice and the sky is blue. The accident took place around the 5:57 A.M. hour and the weather was clear, fog in this area can be some of the worst in California. This part of the Central Valley is farmland and agricultural and for me personally I avoid this stretch of highway at all times. The road is heavily traveled by truckers and what seems to me to be unlicensed drivers at times.

For many years I and my family have been active members of the California Highway Patrols 1099 Foundation and continue to be. This foundation is in place to help the families of the brave men and women of the CHP in the event of a catastrophic incident. For two officers to die in such a manner, catastrophic is not a strong enough word.

Juan Gonzalez, left, and Brian Law, are shown in photos posted by CHPs Central Los Angeles division.
Juan Gonzalez, left, and Brian Law, are shown in photos posted by CHPs Central Los Angeles division.
Photos taken at the scene show the CHP cruiser sitting on its roof (The Fresno Bee). The California Highway Patrol has the best major-accident investigators in the United States. The cause of the deadly accident will be found and the reasons discussed for years to come. The families of these two officers lives will likewise be as devastated by this terrible loss.

All of us who are members of the 1099 Foundation give in the hopes that these funds will never be needed. The fund is in place for times exactly such as these and we hope that at the appropriate time the foundations help will assist in the needs of the families left behind in this tragic loss.

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February 17, 2014
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