John Nazarian-Indy got a new home and so will Carlos

Indy is a three year old Stafford Terrier that on July 4, 2013 another animal with the ability to walk upright taped fireworks to this poor dogs legs. He then lit those explosives and left poor ‘Indy’ for dead, dead in an alley, alone and suffering in pain that is too horrible to describe any further. Who is this ‘scrot’? His name is Carlos Efrain Duarte of North Hollywood, California. His birthday is July 9, 1972. How do we all know this, you ask? Simple. Some friends of mine with guns and badges found him after several months of good old fashion police work and arrested him today, February 7, 2014. Booking number is 3856009. Los Angeles County Sheriff has the pleasure of providing lodging for Mr. Duarte!

Indy during recovery
Indy during recovery

Good Job Los Angeles Police Department, North Hollywood Division, in catching this guy. Makes you wonder what his wife and children must have thought. There is plenty of research on people who harm and torture animals and what they are capable of doing to others! Would Duarte ever have a bucket list? I doubt it, it would require the understanding clearly of good and bad. Duarte has demonstrated his inability to handle this rapid thinking. I, however, as a former cop, have it down to a science.



Carlos's pickup truckWhat this waste of human genetic material failed to understand was that cameras are everywhere in the world we live today….and there for all to see was ‘Da Scrot’ fleeing in his white Toyota pick up truck. Now if Carlos Efrain Duarte needed some advice as to doing this to some deserving upright walking scum of the earth aka a ‘human’, we have a ‘bucket list’ of candidates! To do this to some poor dog that was doing nothing, that makes no sense at all…..



Indy with his new mom
Indy with his new mom

NOTE: I have had a personal bucket list for 7 years. Sure, it is a list of individuals that in the event I would be diagnosed with a terminal illness, and given months or ??? to live, are people I would very much like to take with me on that very special journey! All expenses paid, compliments of S&W. It would take a great deal of flying and of course UPS, but it is very doable, even with an oxygen tank! LMAO I have always felt personally that like we treat cats and dogs that are deemed disposable, as a society, this very same principal should be done to ‘dangerous and treacherous humans’. This is, of course, solely for entertainment purposes only, my entertainment and yours, you know who you are…..what a wonderful world it would be if more people would have a ‘bucket list’ and keep a special place in their hearts for dangerous and treacherous ‘scrots’ like Carlos Efrain Duarte.

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Straight Talk with John J. Nazarian, Private Investigator
February 8, 2014
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