John Nazarian: Mia Farrow and Dylan Farrow

It is not like Mia Farrow and I are breakfast buddies or for that matter best friends. The last time I spoke with Mia Farrow was on May 19, 1998. It was at the memorial service of Frank Sinatra. I attended the memorial service with Miss. Peggy Lee and we sat in the front row of the Good Shepherd Church in Beverly Hills, California.

Mia and I spoke briefly and I remember as clearly as if it was yesterday. One thing you understand about Mia is that she is honest and sincere.
There is not one question in my mind as to her honesty. Her accusations and those of her daughter Dylan, I personally believe every word of every sentence. Does anyone believe for one minute a young girl would make such an accusation and be so clear?

woody allenWoody Allen, hiding behind his celebrity, dodged a bullet many years ago when someone with a badge and gun decided to cut him a break. For whatever reason that was the case and I am sure nothing more will ever come of the accusations by Dylan. We all have to also understand that Woody Allen married his step daughter, that too is odd, is it not? Woody needs to come to terms and deal with this. For this investigative reporter, I am siding with Mia and the victim, Dylan.

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Straight Talk with John J. Nazarian, Private Investigator
February 5, 2014
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