John Nazarian: Water pistol vs Nukes

Things at the Mosk could not be better and based on the opinion of lawyers and comments and accolades of other judges, it falls at the feet of Judge Scott M. Gordon, presiding judge. The court now runs its daily duties without several hundred former employees. It is running and running efficiently to the joy of most, some will never be happy. There are several new judges coming on board to replace the retirement of Commissioner James Endman and the transfer of several others. It was evident the other night at the BAR dinner that many, including myself, will miss Commissioner James Endman. It does appear that he will have a full card of activities as he always has had, that is not going to change. I have always enjoyed the commissioners humor and I have had a few laughs at his expense…all just for laughs!

 Judge Scott GordonI decided to spend some time in Department 88 this morning, the former entertainment capital of the superior court, the former home of Judge Scott M. Gordon. The judge that is now sitting and being entertained by the actors and actresses aka LITIGANTS. Men and Women looking for a DIVORCE and doing whatever it takes to get it done, Judge Ralph C. Hofer, very soft spoken.

As I am always when I hear the ,’He is molesting his son’ accusation, BULLSHIT madam, and you should be ashamed of yourself, as a mother first and foremost. This was all presented to his honor, Judge Ralph C. Hofer who sits in Dept. 88 and you could tell immediately his honor heard what was said and clearly understood the nonsense that was being verbalized by the lawyers representing the once ‘love birds’.

You see dad had taken all the ‘reunification’ classes given by some mental health professional and when he had completed the last one, BAM! ‘Mom’ calls the DCFS and makes the accusation that the boy is being molested by his dad. Now if that was true, why did mom wait, and as I have said dozens of times, no DIVORCE no PROBLEM. But once we are in DIVORCE mode try anything to mess with one parent or the other, it is classic. Now the court has made it clear that ‘dad’ is going to get to be with his son and soon. Dad and son will still have to take some classes to try and figure out what ‘mom’ has done. This is a classic example of mom ‘talking shit about dad’, also known as ‘parental alienation’, a term to further pick the pockets of litigants. Instead of just telling mom or dad to cut the crap out and stop talking badly about one or the other…..simple, it would be if it was not for angry litigants.

There was another DIVORCE matter in 88, a family law associate, (she had very nice hair) present from a former very prestigious law firm on another matter was looking for a water fountain to fill her squirt gun. Not sure what she was thinking, Michael Hanasab, Esq. of Jamra & Jamra and his co-counsel were loading nuclear warheads and aiming them at her and her client…..sad, very sad! After observing her performance I was wondering if the ‘client’ had paid her bill? I am betting there will be someone present to help, I just hope they too dont show up with a squirt gun. This is a classic example of an associate that should have maybe just stayed in bed and saved the parking fee, instead of being so grumpy she should have offered to get all us some coffee!

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Straight Talk with John J. Nazarian, Private Investigator
January 31, 2014
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