Where the F*%K did my Rolls go?

‘Where the F*%K did my Rolls go?’

Timing is everything and be very very very careful when you say to someone the following, ‘Goldstein, I am not going to pay you one dime’.
Well this particular case has been a long, and at times hilarious, simmering case of ‘look how I laugh at my Xs lawyer and poke fun at him’ TO ‘god dammit where did my Rolls Royce go?’.

You see folks ‘revenge’ is often better served chilled, very chilled and no one can do that better than a DIVORCE lawyer who some miserable litigant is trying to stiff! Yes, for sure we all know that there is an entire group of ‘people’ out there who feel wronged by the system of DIVORCE that exists in these wonderful United States. For many they dream of far off places where everything is fair and putting the ‘trash’ to the curb is easy….screw that, give me the Southern California style of DIVORCE! Yippee Ya Hoo!

But when the court orders one litigant to pay the others DIVORCE lawyer all of her fees, you, the losing litigant is supposed to pay! Seems pretty simple to me. LMAO this is one of the best photos I have seen and the movie, priceless! You could not have staged this! And this is not for ‘entertainment purposes’, this is real! This could be the poster for all of you who hate lawyers, to hang on your wall, right next to the one of me, ‘making meatloaf’. …..yes sirree you unfortunate group of miserable SOBs on the receiving end of all these FEES! BTW that is two Los Angeles County Sheriffs squad cars escorting the gorgeous Rolls Royce Phantom right out of the owners driveway and into Goldsteins garage! There are few out there in ‘mens group land’ that could see all of this as a conspiracy! The message here is pretty basic, You owe Cary W. Goldstein, Esquire fees! Come hell or high water, he is going to get paid….just look at the picture!

P.S. a private message to Mr. Wondervisi, the rumor in town is that Goldstein is still hungry!

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Straight Talk with John J. Nazarian, Private Investigator
January 22, 2014
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