21 Years Keeping it Real

Well it really does not get easier with time. Nazarian and Associates is entering its 21st year. 21 years of fun and games with some of the most amazing clients and lawyers anyone could ever imagine that exists in the world today! We have worked with every level of our society, movie and television personalities, a few governors, many heads of state and many others that will never be mentioned or recalled. All great, wonderful and colorful people in the throws of personal tragedies and extremely personal matters and some, not so great, but we are running a business here.

Through all of those years I have had a public presence and of course a private one. My presence on television and radio continues to grow, as it should. This year will be no different than the previous several years, lots of stuff on the burner, great agents and even better lawyers! My position and thinking will remain that women get the ‘crap’ end of the stick far more often than the ‘men’ when it comes to DIVORCE or CUSTODY issues. Not sure why, as I have been told that the percentage is close to 85% of the time women get the screws put to them…..everyone here at NAZARIAN AND ASSOCIATES have no question that this true. And we also love our male clients and we of course take care of issues for them too. The rules of the game are simple, we are on the side that we are working for, pretty simple.

usmc-colorsOur Staff is 95% made up of former and active law enforcement officers as well as a few retired federal officers, you just have to love the ‘feds’! Back when we started, what now seems like a million years ago, a good friend of mine, a war hero and USMC Ret. Colonel, told me to keep the beliefs of our ‘police backgrounds’ in what we do and never forget from where we came from. We here at Nazarian and Associates have never forgotten that. And never ever will we, ‘once a cop always a cop’, that also goes for U.S. Marines, once a Marine always a Marine.

My office works with local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies all over the United States and with agencies on foreign soil. Thanks to my father. My father had several fans within the Department of State, the ‘good Ol days’. And for that reason and my own personal beliefs about the world we work in, we will never ever be in a compromising position. Recently a ‘convicted criminal’, convicted of multiple counts of stalking and other violations, and a ‘mens group’ led by what appears a cross dresser, attempted to compromise our values. The criminal is a total fool, lost his meal ticket and is almost 50 years old, and to make matters worse, is here in the U.S. illegally. My style has always been based in humor and satire, I was famous for getting an arrestee to laugh or get their mind off of going to jail anyway I could. And sometimes it was ridiculous! I seldom, if ever, got my uniform torn from fighting with an arrestee, very seldom, and I have lots of mothers and grandmothers that helped me pull those stunts off! Dealing with the scum of the earth in these days take a whole special set of tools and of course ‘contacts’.

LAPD on the marchI/we standby all of what we write here and any place else. We are sometimes surprised as to the attention all of that lunacy gets me/us. When dealing with the ‘human element’ there has to be humor. Note: some lost souls thought that we would take ‘down’ my youtube shots due to some great conspiracy! And these very same people wonder why they lost in court? I am taking nothing down!
I and others like the position we have for ‘entertainment’ purposes only. Humor helps us to deal with the ‘criminals’ and ‘angry litigants’. Please stay angry, it helps pay the bills! And it is not without detractors and malcontents, we function perfectly well doing it all legal and laughing at many of our targets. Look at some of these assholes, how could I/We not laugh! Even the two burger joints we own, it is always about laughing. My cooks and wait staff better be laughing and interacting or they will be down the road. The place has to be clean and run at high standards….Humor is a good thing, should have known me when I was working in the funeral business, outrageous!

Note: Why do we in the ‘real world’ keep it fun and always legal you ask? Just like you could never trust a ‘confidential informant’ as a cop and we cannot ever allow our future and behavior to be in the hands of ‘any’ client when it comes to truth! or CRIMINALS! Some clients are, lets say, a little ‘fickle’/’persnickety’ and just as they often change lawyers they also change everyone else too, including us! We will never ever be in a position of compromise, BAD for business and even worse for our clients! And as I told my ol friend, Anthony Pellicano, you do not have to break the law to get results and the reason is simple, in the world of DIVORCE it is not necessary as the cast of characters will screw themselves and make it easy for all of us to enter and ‘vacuum’! And using poor Pellicano, was that not a lesson? BTW, Anthony Pellicano will be out soon. It would appear he has paid his debt to society. A few others have not paid yet, but they will ๐Ÿ™‚

Illegal immigrants wearing cuffs and leg irons sit inside a bus waiting to be unloaded to an ICE deportation flight on their way back to Mexico CURTIS COMPTON  Atlanta Journal-Constitution/MCT
Illegal immigrants wearing cuffs and leg irons sit inside a bus waiting to be unloaded to an ICE deportation flight on their way back to Mexico
CURTIS COMPTON Atlanta Journal-Constitution/MCT
Ever see what some women have to go through when the love is gone and the hate is all that counts? These women, and some men, dont realize that when the soon to be former X is talking shit and threatening them, THAT can be used to get em out of the house, LMAO! When a soon to be X is conducting themselves in a way that is threatening, THAT can be used to get em out of the house. There are dozens of things that can be done and when a client comes to me and they themselves are ready to jump out of a window? After talking to me, everything will be much clearer. OPTIONS and OPPORTUNITIES are always available in this world….’give’em enough rope they will hang themselves. Thanks for reading, I have to go, we just got a load of rope delivered!

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Straight Talk with John J. Nazarian, Private Investigator
January 17, 2014
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