Convicted criminal get to stay, law abiding people get deported..

Breaking News!!!!! Francis Coyote Shivers, convicted stalker of Pauley Perrette, BACK IN COURT ON Friday the 17th of January 2014! Downtown Criminal Courts Building……

This dog breath ILLEGAL ALIEN was convicted several months ago in a criminal courts building in Los Angeles, California. He is out on BAIL and is still harassing his victim….is FACE BOOK not off limits to this CONVICTED CRIMINAL????

Someone at I.C.E./ Department of Homeland Security needs to look at his ‘standing’ as to how he has managed to stay in the United States. He has been a real police problem for many years. How is it possible that a young man, ‘Ruben Valdovinos’ was deported to Mexico for a vehicle registration being expired. A boy who worked two jobs to support his family, never been arrested for nothing and was deported. (he was denied his green card for being HIV positive) Such a terrible event in the struggle for children brought to the U.S. by their parents…to witness what is taking place with Francis Coyote Shivers is a smack in the face to every single immigrant who has played by the rules to work and stay in the United States legally!

OH_SHIT_by_CoolCoonFrancis Coyote Shivers, to help for ALL of us to understand your ‘over extended stay’, I am personally going to be in contact with Lori Scialabba, Acting Director of the Dept. of Homeland Security, Rendell Jones, Acting Director of Homeland Security and Sarah Kendall, Associate Director of Fraud Detection…..and last but not least, Donald J. Monica, Associate Director. It is important that people like those listed be aware of events that may otherwise escape their attention. I promise you the story will be absolutely on point and in great detail…..

ruben-crouch_resizedRuben had been in the United States his whole life, brought over the border as an infant, graduated high school and was deported for absolutely nothing, just an expired registration!

Due to his deportation he lost his battle with AIDS, as he could no longer get his medication. And this filthy scumbag, Francis Coyote Shivers, has managed to fall through the cracks. SOMEONE, ANYONE AT I.C.E., why is this happening? We are sending this question to the White House and to the Director… does a convicted criminal stay in the United States? Came here as a visitor and is now OFFICIALLY a CONVICTED CRIMINAL.

Please read the story about Ruben Valdovinos and then cross reference it to a real CONVICTED CRIMINAL ALIEN from Toronto, Canada.

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Straight Talk with John J. Nazarian, Private Investigator
January 14, 2014
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