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For me, ‘Divorce Corp’ has come and gone My good friend Kat Pellicano and I attended with two of my very close friends from the L.A.P.D. I wanted Ken and Lou to be there in the event that any former ‘boyfriend’ or ‘husband’ showed up wearing a spaghetti and meatball suit. Or worse yet, some poor bastard had meatloaf and mashed potatoes stuffed in his pockets and came charging at me. These are the days of Grand Jury Indictments, ‘chicken little’ and of course, ‘hell freezing over’. LMAO!



Live_Nude_GirlsKat and I had reserved tickets so we were able to by pass the huge lines. Yes folks, there was huge lines waiting to get in to see Divorce Corp! The theater had the feel of one of those old porno joints in the Tenderloin of San Francisco. Dark and dank, no carpeting and concrete that was old and spot painted, seats, not bad and for sure not sticky! Not quite the kind of ‘premier’ you would see in a typical Hollywood gala. This was not a gala, this was the documentary, ‘Divorce Corp’. The film was funny and entertaining at times. After all that is what I was paid for, be funny and insightful. I did not fail. You gotta have humor in what you do! Should have known me when I was an embalmer! BTW when did a barrel of popcorn turn into a big dixie cup?

Sorrell Trope, Lawyer and at one time one of the biggest shows in the world of DIVORCE, came across like a teacher, a professor of law if you will. Dressed impeccably, as I have always felt he is the best dressed lawyer I have ever met. He came across clearly and no question that he still remains the ‘dean’ of divorce. Laura Wasser, Lawyer, spoke well, great skin, great complexion. Laura is easy on the eyes, for sure! Dennis Wasser, Lawyer (one of the luckiest lawyers in the country, due to his escape from the wire tap allegations that sent his friend Anthony Pellicano to Federal Prison. Both, Mr. Trope and Mr. Wasser were one time clients of Anthony Pellicano. How do I know? Simple Kat Pellicano knew them both and who was sitting right next to me? My friend Kat!) Back to Dennis Wasser, Lawyer. He looked like and sounded like, Dennis Wasser! (the negative comments on Mr. Wasser are entertaining, out of respect they will be for my personal enjoyment)

Dollars funnel.Another haunting piece of history in the documentary was a news shot of Dennis Wasser and his one time ‘best’ friend, Stephen Kolodny. They were both being interviewed separate of each other, but next to each other in little boxes. It was reported back in the days of Pellicano that Wasser and Pellicano had wire tapped Stephen during the Kerkorian Divorce Saga. Truth or Bullshit? Kerkorian paid Kolodny right around $3,000,000.00 dollars for his part. Kolodny went after Wasser and a settlement was reached and the details were not made public…..I am guessing there is some ‘truth’.

Divorce Corp pretty much blames all the craziness on the lawyers. A group that I am not a fan of is the ‘evaluators’, ‘therapists’ , ‘minors counsel’ and a cadre of others came across as just the worst. They were portrayed as opportunist and very corruptible. Divorce Corp covers two terrible instances that were just heart breakers. For those of us who have done this for many years there are hundreds of these terrible stories! I still feel that it is not just the lawyers, as you the client will sign a retainer agreement and it is clearly written what it is going to cost! I also DO NOT buy into the judges are all corrupt. BULLSHIT! Some of the hardest working and under paid people I have found are the men and women who sit on the bench. It is true that some are millionaires after coming to the bench from very lucrative private practices, certainly NOT ALL! Why would any judge take the assignment for DIVORCE when the criminal courts is where the ‘charm’ of being a judge is at. Are there judges that come across as incompetent boobs? You betcha and that is too bad for all of us (Judge Theresa Beaudet and Judge Bruce Iwasaki, great examples). However to say that about ALL judges is not what my experience has been, most as I previously stated are honest and hard working.

vik_vikings1Scandinavia is the drum beat of the evening, ‘look how wonderful’. It is to some degree a great system for THEM Scandinavians and good for them! There is a great deal that their government provides to the populace, INSURANCE for one and the attitude is different too, they are Scandinavian!!!! This is the United States of America and we see and do things differently, good or bad, this is my country! I do feel a little change might be good, small adjustments. Just remember this, couples who are in the throws of DIVORCE or CUSTODY battles, being real, being considerate, being honest and treating each other as you once did with respect and maybe even a little love will prevent any lawyer, any P.I., any evaluator from ever getting close to your lives as depicted in Divorce Corp. THIS is the PROBLEM, it has to be TWO people on the same track, I have watched and listened to many many judges, that when the litigants came with good ideas and had a plan, that is the direction the case took. And came across as a team and wanted to do the right thing for both parties and the children, it was a cake walk! What courts did I observe this behavior in? This is the what the Judges who have to deal with lunatic litigants day in and day out want to see and want to hear. (Judge Thomas Trent Lewis, Judge Donna Goldstein, Judge Amy Pellman, Judge Scott Gordon, and several others)

loving divorceOn the other hand, when ‘litigants’ wanted to try and screw each other over? I have also watched these same judges take control of all things ‘screwing’ and do what they thought best. As the film clearly stated, a judges middle name is God, I get it!! Are you feeling me here? It is not the lawyers or the judges that set the tone of what will be your future, IT takes TWO and as a team I do see that things can work, only as a TEAM effort. Unfortunately as I stated last night at the Q & A, it is the human element that wants total devastation and to hurt the ones that they once loved. I have not fully figured that one out yet.

However, read the horrible comments and the negative posts on the web of these sites you will feel the hate. It is that very tone and position that will keep lawyers, judges taking control of the lives of evil litigants! Many of these sites are as bad or worse than many of the courts and lawyers they speak of and challenge! Welcome to the Human Element…….as for Scandinavia, very pretty, very nice, I have no desire to be like them on any level, GOD BLESS AMERICA!

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January 13, 2014
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