OH NO! Not Meatloaf!!

Well we are days away from the ‘big’ event, DIVORCECORP.COM. LMAO Well the lunatics are out and being led by all the unhappy litigants. Well that being what it maybe, everyone signs a retainer agreement with lawyers and people like us….all of the costs are in black and white. When the litigants are fair minded and not wanting revenge….things are easy! And when not, we all know the road that takes!

And of course there is always a ‘rabid dog’ like creature howling in the night like a ‘coyote’ after getting his tail caught in the gate and losing its meal ticket. However, like all wolves in the night, they find a way to get fed….always another victim waiting…..dogs will find a way to eat! Some will even eat their own poop…..oy!

wile-e-coyoteAs for my writings and media sources, there is always an entertainment’ factor. Similar to the ‘Coyote’ and ‘Road Runner’, Coyote getting that dam anvil dropped on his head! LMAO, funny right? Well, almost like that cartoon character we too get attacked and I feel it is fair game! The best is the ‘tone’, you can see why many of these folks had horrible experiences in the world of DIVORCE…..they were likely as miserable prior to getting placed to the curb with or without meatloaf! You might say, it is in their

Much of what we do on DESPERATEEXES.com is for entertainment and taking a position of extraordinarily ridiculousness, to make some humor out of a bad situation, to try and find clarity……just look at the titles! IF, and I say IF, I have done good for the meatloaf industry or the spaghetti and meatballs of the world, I say good! All in good standing if you came home and got hit with a bowl of spaghetti……oooops! It has always been a goal of this site to make a statement and to do it with a little humor. Now if you are one of the minions who feels like you are under attack or one of the followers of someone who feels the system ‘did’em in’……well better luck next time……really tough being a convicted stalker for some folks. (9 months and 2 years probation….ouch, bad coyote, off the couch!)

Items for example, Make My Day-Hayduke, Revenge Tactics from the Master-Hayduke, Advanced Backstabbing & Mudslinging – George Hayduke, Vengeance is Mine – M.L. Shannon…..all for the purpose of being entertaining…….does anyone take this at all serious? Of course not, all grins and giggles.

Update: I just spoke with Detective Townsend of the L.A.P.D., Supervisor of the Domestic Violence Unit…..I advised him that in the event of any of his officers noticing or anyone showing up with ‘meatloaf’ or ‘spaghetti’ all over them I would like to know if they admitted to hearing about or taking the advice of me, The King!

Dead_coyote_on_fence_1BTW The Los Angeles Police Department are very well versed in ‘Coyote Hunting’, they can sure snare them!

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Straight Talk with John J. Nazarian, Private Investigator
January 5, 2014
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