Do Not Include Your Children….

You want to kill yourself for whatever reason you may desire, go right ahead and do it. Preferably I wish you would do it quietly, a quiet cemetery of your choice, nice peaceful spot in the desert, or the basement of a deserted parking structure….PERFECT! I have always felt we all have a right to punch our own ticket anytime we desire. The EXCEPTION I have to what I have just written are young people, pre-teens and teenagers who feel they are being bullied or having problems coping, you can call me or my staff and I will try and help….’Give me your worst story and I will beat it’…I am not one to just blow smoke up your ass, I too have had some pretty fucked up experiences. Get a bottle of bourbon and lets chat!

IF you are just a miserable SOB and full of strife and hatred due to a marriage or a relationship that has ended and you feel you have got the short end of a dirty stick…..go right ahead and do it. I am sure that someone is going to miss you and be very sad at your decision to check out. Remember folks, I was an apprentice embalmer for several years and saw the end results, a shot to the head, jumping in front of a moving train, jumping off a freeway and taking a plunge.I have personally dealt with all of it. I have actually suggested to some of my lunatic clients that if they really wanted to end it, the bath tub, easy to clean and you will not disrupt the entire house….the porcelain coating on the bath tub is the exact same as an embalming table….easy to clean!

Dmitriy Kanarikov, a Ukrainian immigrant, on December 23, 2013 decided to jump from from a 52 story New York Skyscraper, prior to that jump this coward threw his 3 year old son Kirill first, the baby died shortly after impact. You miserable piece of human waste, you king of scrots, why would you or anyone do this to a baby? To make a vengeance statement to his estranged wife in a ‘bitter custody battle’. The baby it was reported was wearing Christmas themed pajamas. (reading this is making me sick)

All over custody? And mom, you married this useless son of a bitch. My thoughts are that mom, you too have responsibility in protecting that child. We have all seen insane decisions here in the United States too, (Judge Teresa Beaudets decision to send two American children to a foreign country) How does it move in the direction of murdering your children to prevent one parent or the other from having custody? Your child will always be your child, you will always be dad and you will always be mom! Please keep this thought in mind when you even think of taking part in a dastardly act………I beg you, a child should have every opportunity to live.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

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December 26, 2013
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