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John J Nazarian, The King of Divorce, on the big screen – Divorce Corp. – Desperate Exes | Unleashed

John J Nazarian, The King of Divorce, on the big screen – Divorce Corp.

Who would have ever bet this would happen? ME! John J. Nazarian, ‘The King of Divorce’, sharing the big screen with Sorrell Trope and Dennis Wasser… some degree, exactly the people this movie is attacking! No question in my mind that Sorrell Trope got conned…..not an easy thing to do.

One thing I can assure you, I knew exactly what I was walking into, 100 percent with my eyes wide open and laughing my ass off……at this point, I am not sure about my two co-stars! Now there are many people in this incredible documentary. A few are actors and some are ‘victims; of people like Judge Teresa Beaudet or even Judge Bruce G. Iwasaki (Truman Capote re-incarnate). This expose is what 99.9 % percent of DIVORCE lawyers would have dug a tunnel to keep away from….go figure for those who had a desire to see themselves on the big screen?

Truman Capote re-incarnate
Truman Capote re-incarnate
There are a few judges who you can tell are highly critical of the entire process of DIVORCE. Then you have a few lawyers who are not even close to the calibre of Sorrell Trope or Dennis Wasser…..these two DIVORCE lawyers were at one time those with money sought out! And to some degree what this entire story is about… some points unfairly. It is the ‘Litigants’ who generate the venom that is required for DIVORCE lawyers and people like me to earn large salaries.

If it was not for the human element of emotion and desire for revenge, most of these people who are in the DIVORCE business would seek other more lucrative areas of law…..Bruce Nickerson, Esq. for instance. Mr. Nickerson is the king of ‘weenie waggers’, most often men who have an urge to hang out in restrooms at truck stops or the main library in downtown Los Angeles and do things that should be done privately. And when they get caught, and they do…..BRUCE is their guy! Many of these people who hire Bruce are wealthy and professionals. The cops are too focused on getting the perv and at any cost and often make huge mistakes! Enter Bruce Nickerson. Repn the wealthy is not a crime and for many, including myself, is a BUSINESS. By example just another very very lucrative area of law.

Make no mistakes there is a great deal of ‘fucking’ going on in both areas of expertise, except in one case it has the ability to be pleasurable and on the other hand, seldom is there a ‘Happy Ending’…….See all of you in the movies!

PS: Connie Frances, one of the great American singers was a friend of my fathers. I had the chance to meet her as a child and I remember one of her huge hits, Who’s Sorry Now?, Miss Francess hit from 1958!

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Straight Talk with John J. Nazarian, Private Investigator
December 11, 2013
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