Judge Bruce Iwasaki LOVES throwing people out of Homes or Courtrooms..YOU NEED TO APOLOGIZE!

What a day in Department 63 the ‘Honorable’ Judge Bruce G. Iwasaki, who up to today was ‘OK’ with this site, No Mas…..all of a sudden this nit wit in a black robe channeling ‘Truman Capote’ decides to throw me out of the courtroom! Why. you ask. Simple, WALTER LEMUS has had things said about him that is all an outright lie! Walter, at the hands of two THUGS and another Superior Court Judge behaving like an ape on crack, bought the whole bullshit story with NO EVIDENCE…..NOT ONE PIECE!

6_pork_n_beansA few months ago I was asked to accompany a lawyer from Levitt and Quinn to Walter’s mothers house as there was a hostile bucket of ‘Pork and Beans’, snorting around and creating havoc! Enter one of the accusers, CATHERINE GRIJALVA, secretary…. (This chick could very well be a stand in for the old TV character TUGBOAT ANNIE, except this one is shorter and much wider). Well I decided to go and observe as I thought this would be a potential good story. I was not wrong! A story that was shared with me about the railroading of a young hispanic boy (19 years old, but younger in statute and experience) All of it happening right under the nose of Judge Iwasaki, my Truman Capote Impersonator!

Well upon my arrival (to just observe and listen) I begin to hear what sounds like a trash truck leaking swill. It is GRIJALVA as she begins to put her fat mouth into gear. A legal secretary that either was unable or just too stupid to get through law school, but GRIJALVA aint going to let that stop her. The lawyer was right, big and wide and as scary as they roll. You can tell she likes to throw her tonnage around! Well I dont say a peep, I am as quiet as a church mouse. So I write a story on the experience…..a nice one, not too much of Nazarianisms, I am being a gentleman. NO Fn more….unless I get an apology from IWASAKI we at DESPERATEEXES.com will be at war with this judge and a soap box for ANYONE with a story of ‘odd decisions’ seeping out of Dept. 63

hippo-chat_2059230iSo today I happen to be downtown and I see Walter and he tells me there is going to be a hearing in Judge Iwasakis department 63. I did recall being told by Walter before but I had forgotten So what, the courts are open to the public……So I go in and catch Susan Wiesner, Esq. making an appearance that was a total slam dunk in getting her message across to Iwasaki. Sooooo I sit and the next case is called and I am the only one sitting in the audience. Any witnesses or participants in the courtroom?. I just sit…….pretty soon, Joan Tamir Daniels, a lawyer who BIG & Wide works for looks at me with the stink eye, two stink eyes! Then Iwasaki asks who I am, I tell him I am a member of the media…..Daniels adjusts her cheeks and pushes her teeth in place and starts, what media, what media. I tell Iwasaki that I have been covering stories for over 6 years in this building. Iwasaki, who is in a total state of wonderment and confusion tells me You need to go to media relations and get a ‘SPECIAL PASS’ to be in this courtroom…..I am now witnessing a Superior Court Judge who has NOT A CLUE what he is talking about……I am now entering WALTERS world….’will I be homeless?’

So I am now myself in a state of confusion as I know there is no ‘special pass‘. So I go to room 107 and speak with the young lady there and she knows me and tells me…he cant throw you out of the courtroom…… she calls the clerk and tells her the bad news. I go back up to department 63 and take a seat. (NOTE: I have a Federal Press Pass, I have a Press Pass from the paper I work part time for and I have one for DESPERATEEXES.COM, 1.4 MILLION READERS)

6_pork_n_beansTeam ‘Pork and Beans’ comments loudly, he is back. At which time IWASAKI DECIDES TO CLOSE THE COURTROOM TO SOLELY GET ME OUT OF THE COURT…… MAYBE IWASAKI SHOULD GO BACK AND READ HIS OATH OF OFFICE AND STUDY THE CONSTITUTION. This is the same judge that made a 19 year old boy homeless…..I guess I got off easy. WELL, I have to say a movie that I participated in, DIVORCECORP, will be released January 14, 2014 and in it we discuss JUDGES like IWASAKI and what some might say is either IGNORANCE, STUPIDITY OR JUST PLAIN AND SIMPLE CORRUPTION. For me, I feel this case is a case of total IGNORANCE. IGNORANT TO THROW A YOUNG ADULT OUT OF HIS HOUSE and to throw a seasoned investigative reporter out of a public courtroom.

This case involves a immigrant family, Jose Lemus & Sonia Gaitan who have fallen into the hands of two losers, Joan T Daniels, Esquire and her THUG secretary, little bigums, Catherine Grijalva. (They rep Jose Lemus, who appears to have gone along with framing his own son, Walter.) Oh, for sure you wont miss these two, they look like they spent the entire BLACK FRIDAY sales day at the K-mart in the ‘Big and Wide’ womens department…and those angry ‘Lesbian Shoes’. Just two of the most miserable excuses for so called humans you can find, both getting bigger like a boil on a pigs ass.

slithering_snake_desertDaniels, a lawyer who never made it as a lawyer and is now a 3rd Stringer and works out of a postal box in West L.A., and Grijalva, her morbidly obese sidekick. Grijalva could not put down a case of Twinkies (though I have no doubt she could easily put down a pallet of Twinkies) to try and be a lawyer. So fat as fat can be and a 3rd stringer secretary, frustrated? LMAO! SO, here we have two total assholes fucking with a family who struggles to put food on their table and a roof over their heads…… Good Job losers, you got a boy homeless and a mother fighting to see her 9 year old child. There truly is a very special hell for people like Daniels and Grijalva…..and I hope there are NO TWINKIES there when you arrive!
no twinkies for you!

Stupid judge did not realize that Daniels had a right to sit at the counsel table. Her fat friend did NOT!
She is not a lawyer and is not an expert…… But there she sat!!!! The secretary trying to look like a big shot…well BIG was certainly working!

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Straight Talk with John J. Nazarian, Private Investigator
December 6, 2013
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